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  1. bump
  2. Listed @300k, negotiable
  3. Is there anyway to preview skins on vehicles? Or any page in the forums/wiki with pictures of the skins?
  4. make your own "Hello" post
  5. Tbh I think this would suck, imagine a bunch of people going to asylum exchange to get/store their shit... 80 people cap on each server would be better.
  6. It's unfair to people who owned things (houses, etc.) on S2...
  7. i think it's the amount of people that were online that caused it to lag
  8. Yeah but they are really laggy
  9. Bad performance
  10. Bruh this thread is 1 year old...
  11. guess i'll have to use bing or duckduckgo now...
  12. 150k if you get lucky, 70k-100k I'd say would be a quick sell. The house being in Sofia makes it less valuable as there is basically nothing in the area where Sofia is located.
  13. bad price
  14. Zowie FK1