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  1. hooooooyaaaaa
  2. I don't think the reason is known yet, but if I find anything I'll let you know.
  3. Found this video on twitter that shows his instagram account:
  4. Are you guys still working on a gang garage?
  5. Drug or arms under water? Doesn't make much sense...
  6. Maybe he's just recovering from the surgeries and stuff
  7. He just went online on steam, I think he isn't dead...
  8. What do you mean no point in fighting? The point is exactly to take the cartel for your gang in order to make money, and there will be even more fights because to keep making the money you'll have to keep it, meaning people will now go defend it more often.
  9. Let's hope this fixes the problem...
  10. Yeah haven't seen them in a while...
  11. picture of the map please
  12. it was just a joke, we dont know each other