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  1. Sometimes your Y inventory despawns instantly when you die. @Poseidon
  2. There is no impound option on illegal vehicles.
  3. Count me in
  4. Our escape attempt was the best part xD
  5. Both videos weren't RDM. In the first one he told you to sing the British national anthem and you started singing the American one. In the second one the video was not only too short, but the guy also initiated through direct chat, telling you to get up and that it was a robbery, which resulted in him killing you as you just sat on the ground.
  6. Robocops...
  7. LOL nice one
  8. Post your app here and make sure to use the correct format found here.
  9. From what I've heard it's because he used to drive Ifrits around all the time, and because of people asking him if he was the Mitch that drove Ifrits he just put that in his name.
  10. Do you have any prestige?
  11. What did you get permed for?
  12. Unliked upon request
  13. I don't think the reason is known yet, but if I find anything I'll let you know.