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  1. Lmao
  2. The gameplay looks good so far
  3. Sofia was never meant to be a local hub.The last time Sofia was used was because of the cartel location there.People would spawn,Get SDARS,Go and defend/attack. Another time it was used was because of the Timber update which made everyone go there and farm some good cash.
  4. You already have many good ways of making money.There is no need for another illegal activity right now.Its not olympus where you have 10 ways to make money. The server now is working more on stability and performance.And it should carry on rather than making small money making ways. Not being rude or anything but i don't see a point of a drug area in Sofia and Asylum is not Olympus.
  5. @Pizza Man Gratz on Contributor
  6. Yeah give medics one more vehicle so they can blow more cars in kavala
  7. Denied
  8. Go get a drink meanwhile or take a long shit.I am sure you will be back on time
  9. Depends on what you have done prior to your current ban.Say for example if you RDM the first time on the server we are lenient to you and thus your ban is no longer than few hours again depending on the situation.But if you have done multiple violation multiple times we do ban people for a longer period of time. If you on the other hand have done a severe server violation than expect yourself to be perm banned.All bans can be appealed on the link below.I hope i cleared out your confusion.If not feel free to PM me for further questions if any.
  10. Bye

    You were back?