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  1. I disagree @HomeTrlx Is the best driver you will ever know
  2. contact me when you can. i have somethings to take up with you

    1. Silver-Spy


      I am online.If you find me just message me 


  3. Too much pistol practice for you Kille in kavala
  4. As you said yourself by giving a good example of a new car that the smell of the new car goes away i would like to say that its pretty much the same thing for a lot of games.Granted some games like Rainbow Six which is somewhat an old game keep their community with it even today and people still enjoy it as the devs team work hard on updates and fixes maybe just like CSGO. But you gotta understand how old arma has been and your love for the game slowly fades away as you keep playing it .Bohemia itself has many bugs to fix but they themselves are not getting the incentives to upgrade their game just because their sale for the game is really low so its kinda pointless.Back to your point about asylum devs not working on updates and all.Yes i agree that for a period of time there were no or less updates BUT the current position is better than few months back and currently Bamf and Gnashes are working on updates and its getting better.So lets appreciate them for their work.Remember they have their own lives too. On conclusion i would say that the state of laggy and crashing servers is slowly getting better and if updates keep rolling by i would still enjoy and continue to play on Asylum and arma in general.Maybe its just me.
  5. I feel bad for those poor guys doing oil
  6. Comp denied sorry
  7. This is what i love about the old bank.People try to find a way to get the guys doing the bank rather than spawning again and again and sniping from somewhere in pygros.
  8. Loot crates were never meant to be bought by asulum money.If you want the something like Combat Helmet etc you gotta donate and its all about chance to get them.
  9. Congratz @Clockwerk well deserved!.
  10. If someone is wanted for say 300k and cops send him to jail.You would normally get 150k in total rather than his 300k.Now its increased to 175k. And nice job on the patch guys
  11. I think you have a point and i think there should be the rebel raid rule applied for cartels as well but at the same point if cops raid rebel and you are say on top of tower [Drug OG] than you shouldn't have a problem in killing them.Most cops are so impatient that they just push in and die.Thats just my opinion on this
  13. 27-03-18