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  1. You just gotta be patient about it.Although i feel like getting more mods/admin would definitely help the situation.
  2. Thats fokin amazing m8 Nice one nevertheless
  3. @Gen. Henry Arnold for contributor?
  4. Something i think is notable Anthony Kledis was a drug addict so around the drug dealer location "Under the bridge" is a song from Anthony Kledis so checked Karoke area maybe didn't find anything One of his friends committed suicide by hanging so checked crane didn't find anything. We tried running around under the bridge didn't find anything. Tried killing myself by over dossing myself it did work but nothing showed up Tried using heroin to see under the bridges didn't really work Tried killing few guys under the bridge and executing them maybe didn't work Tried looking under the bridge while on drugs didn't work Checked several locations churches etc didn't find anything The hunt continues with @Patato @Gen. Henry Arnold
  5. Scoooby doo be doo where the hell are you?
  6. Definitely with your driving
  7. If it gets a good skin on it it will definitely look good
  8. Didnt need an RPG to blow up.Touched a vehicle and it blew up
  9. SDAR with no armor perhaps
  10. Lets also think about the possible drawbacks from lowering the prices of load outs mainly guns. Too many people shooting each other with high caliber weopens than b4 Kavala turned from pistol bangers to KOS zone I am not against your suggestion here but i am just raising some possible problems it may lead to.I would maybe recommend that gun making should take less ingrediants to craft them so that rebels can actually have more guns and loadouts in their houses.Or maybe a talent that reduces the gun purchase price a little bit so that not everyone can get easy loadouts
  11. I feel you brother @Olio
  12. Free Nudes if yall interested over here ^