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  1. I think he is one of those guys who camp outside the cap looking at the fridge or those guys camping at rebel waiting for you to deliver the moneh .I personally think its a good move as.
  2. Still prefer this
  3. BUMP. This was a great idea and i hope we get some feedback regarding this @bamf @Gnashes
  4. Not gonna happen
  5. Maybe make bank location the same way we have illegal zones.OG Bank and new bank.
  6. I wish i was that good
  7. Not my kind of music but if you made it yourself than nice job.
  8. Something is better than nothing.
  10. Looks like S1
  11. There is a lot of things that the devs don't have control over in arma server afaik and so something like BE kicks is not what they can fix but can only reduce.Identity is yes very similar to arma but you cant say anything unless its in early alpha or something so people get a feel of what its going to be.
  12. Lets keep S4 closed