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  1. I feel so good downing so many people standing in one small room
  2. I see alot of people make fun the Chinese but to be honest they are fun to play against.When you go up against them they will bring up alot of people from somewhere and you will get to see a good fight. Sure they cannot speak English the same way you cant speak Chinese. Atleast they will initiate rather than some English speakers who RDM VDM etc.They 911 gang has been on this server for a long time and they know the server rules pretty well and don't break them much often. You wouldn't like it if i made fun of your language,religion or country would you?. For all those sidechat Kavala ratz
  3. We need more
  4. @Ba-KA Event4coordinator
  5. I wish i was cool like you
  6. The recent forum post are so great
  7. Nah just RP it
  8. If you wanna make a news crew go ahead.
  9. How do some people become so called rappers is beyond me.What has rap become these days...
  10. It me make it as simple as possible 1.Nobody cares if you get lethaled in the first wave 2.Will lethal you or any gang doing a bank/Fed/Prison 3.Stop crying as nothing will be changed If you have been here long enough you would know he was a Sgt.And its called Knee pads
  11. Better off hiding this thread bud.Thank me later
  12. Baka for team carrier
  13. ^