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  1. I wish we had ghosthawks to repel down to Feds /Banks.
  2. You need some help my friend
  3. Now i know why we in the APD have "No sexual something allowed" in the old guidebook
  4. All of you asking to bring it back is either a cocaine field camper or money hungry. Tanoa did not have high population among the other servers and the only reason why people played it was to make easy money in the start.Tanoa was a really good looking map but lacked population in general.I do not understand you can do as a rebel other than cartels.Make money?Camp fields etc?.
  5. Haha amazin
  6. Some nice clips
  7. Is this guy a REEEEE[tard?] ?
  8. @Roicesb shot down the hummigbird which started shooting at the chopper with a flashbang [Couldnt edit or tag him in the original one]
  9. Arma 3 Funny Moments! The starting clip in off when FSA @Alec-I and his boys attack @Dredd Horun [Or whatever its called].FSA having a total of at least 5 helicopters and we in the APD only 2 which included me and Dredds Choppa. The second clip is when @IAmLegion and me myself take a 12 y old to a trip to wonderland for some interrogation of his charges.The kid seemed to be confused and angry so in the end we let him go. This is when Mr @Cukofuko after trying more than 5 mins to plant a speedbomb on a medics car finally succeeds to blow him up. The last clip is a special one which includes Asylums famous singer Yeet.[ Someone tag him]
  10. Had fun with the Fed and then the bounty hunter involvement while playing as a cop.
  11. Not to flame or anything but i think capturing "Bases" is not my kind of play.If i wanted play something like that i would rather play King of the hill which is fighting over one base.When you look at many bases it seems very large and demands large population to play on it.Judging from the fact the STRFE only receives only 10-30 players max [Approx] the game mode becomes boring.Just my 2 cents
  12. Congratz @bamf.Hopefully we can get some new updates done and make Asylum great again.