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  1. Straight to jail offence right there.Send em!
  2. Unfortunately things will never change.
  3. Damn i kidnapped some cops in kavala
  4. Si Si
  5. Ear rape warning.Please reduce your volume
  6. Still remember you sitting inside that dome for the sui vest
  7. lol

    Soon my friend soon.
  8. Your the one who actually told me when i asked you some weird question about leaving the game.I don't actually remember the whole thing but you said Life > Game.Also sorry plox i thought i mentioned you as Precinct leader
  9. Its been a long journey for me and i have had a blast during my path to whatever i have achieved on Asylum but every journey has its end and i have met mine.I have been planning and applying for Universities for quite a while and recently got accepted in a University aboard.And i will be leaving on 04 September from my current to my destination.I wanted to thank everyone for making this journey of mine in asylum a great one. I would not have imagined to play arma for this long if it wasnt for @Subaru and @BaDaBiNg_10-8 who inspired me to get myself in a higher APD rank and thought i would be a good corporal when i was a constable at that time.Special thanks to you two for helping me out in all my issues i had overall. Now you might think "Hey he just got Mod why the hell would he want to leave such a good position?".Well simple answer to this question is that life prioritizes over a game.I am sure i wont be able to play in the starting months in my University and definitely wont be an active mod or an APD member.Why not give it to someone who can be more active than me and maybe he can do better than i did.Its also a good tip to all those inactive higher ups who just hold their positions until they get pushed out for being inactive. Playing with you all was fun and i am happy to see myself move forward in life and maybe i would find time to hang around again who knows.But one thing is for sure is that i had a good time playing on Asylum and i will never forget my friends here.Good luck to you all and thank you for reading this farewell thinge. Shoutout to @Gaskal For being like a big brother to me.You helped more times than i can count and i want to thank you for being a good friend to me.Hope you get admin soon and good luck to you bud. @Cukofuko Always gave me the best answers to my questions when i was a corporal and voted for me when others hesitated to for Sgt.Thank you for counting on me @revise Among my best friends on Asylum.Sad to see what happened to you later on.. @Mr.Purple Bae <3. @killer11 My first constable to actually guide me through the rules n stuff.Thank you. @Roice Started off hating you when i played in Latin Kings with MrGravity but than got to meet and talk to you.Always a mature guy ingame and a chill person to play with.Thank you for helping me with my music creation problems.Maybe ill get to that again i don't know. @Marco Always a fun and exciting guy to play with.And my name is Silver Spy not Silver Spee @Tyrese Best guy to play with.Had an amazing time with you and the boys in Convergence. @TryHardSqueaker When i joined a group of competative guys i thought it would be too hard for me but you were always there to teach me cartels tricks and we had an amazing time on Asylum and also playing a little bit on Olympus. @Norwegianviking Precinct Leader @Alex. Ratzie @Dally Good friend <3. @Term Rat.Still waiting on my taco. @JbdragonI need Comp sir. @RoguePiIot Had a great time with you as support bots.Also miss you buddy @Clockwerk Had a great time playing with you and the boys @jphman Cheese man @Blade Always had a good time playing with you. @ShadeGreat guy always respected you and took inspiration from you when i made it to Sgt+. @D.Wade Daddy wade @James Anderson There is no Sgt chat without you <3.Spicy guy. @K A Z E M Great and oldest friend. @Space Not sure what your forum name is but if your the mute space than i wanted to ask ask for my paycheck that you still havent given me :/. @Clint Beastwood Thank you on your overall help.Always a calm person to talk issues with and always there to help me out with my issues.Also could you check your watch and tell me what time is it? @Deazy Johnson Beep @Ba-KA RPG sniper @wollie35 Had a great time with you.Sometimes you got a bit annoying to me but it was fun. @Innateocean Gay @The Monopoly Man Thank you for giving me Lt and trusting in me. @TheCrestedPenguin Annoying dutch guy.Just kidding love you @IAmLegion Good old friend. @LastKiller Good old friend. @cbakes Annoying fuck @william I did not potato on meth lab construction.Also a good chap to play with @Alec-I Great leader.Been in so many gangs in the past but you stand out being the most respected leader from all of them.Thank you for taking me in FSA late in my career and i am sorry. @HomeTrlx Best driver EU @Scott Toxic fuck.Just kidding love you man.Had amazing time in Convergence playing with the boys and you. @Patato Salty Fuck hope you get Mod faster than me.Good luck bud @Mitch (IFRIT) Thanks for having me as support bot and Mod.. If i forgot to mention you i am sorry .Your name didn't cross my mind at that time. Some recorded moments i would never forget.