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  1. It's a game on my PC and we miss no opportunity at a training run...hence, the two gus on the quad at the end...oh, and the Medic, we should have let the Medic go I'll admit...
  2. Don't forget to Subscribe. Rated R - (L V). Restricted, Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian May not be appropriate for children under 17 due to strong language and violence.
  3. No idea how this post got turned around on the APD but all of the cops I've had to deal with have been quality guys with good knowledge of the guidelines. Robo-cop mentality has been addressed, RP'ing for greater discounts was immediately recognizable and officers not following the guidebook, I hear, are re-educated with points and supervision has been great. Of course, all this being said, I'm not a member of the APD so others might have a different view but for a guy who's been in custody a few hundred-thousand times, I speak from experience.
  4. I currently have 351,670+ Infamy points that I cannot use. Any chance of an option to give some of those away to others? Or perhaps allow additional Infamy talents purchased at 100,000 points each? Thanks guys!!!
  5. Good idea to make a short video of you Y and I inventory in each crate in case something goes horribly wrong...
  6. First off, THANK YOU for all the work you've put in...hoping V2 will run clean and smooth!!! - bring back the Asylum Exchange; - implement more craftable items (CSAT's, Tactical/Raven/Carrier Lt Vests), Balaclava's, helmets, etc.), & SCOPES...please; - remove DP missions; - increase rubber payout for Oil Barrel Processing or implement a rubber tree to farm latex which can be processed into rubber; - fix Scotch...we are currently paying the cartel to both process and sell...let's pick one like the illegal drugs; - increase sea turtle payouts for guys who've abandoned it entirely; - increase Mohawk inventory space since I've only seen two of them used by player in a year; - a Pyrgos or Athira airshop would be nice
  7. Great News update! Put me in for Medic Admin or Supervisor because I'd assign my medic squad to specific cities/zones & hold them accountable for any lack of response. Gone would be the days of Medics not responding, not reviving, not doing their job! My Medics will be respected for jobs well-done! Red-Zone, live-firefights, total chaos, .50 cals ripping, RPG's flying everywhere! Fuck it! We're going in because people need saving! We just need the ability to buy smokes & wear vests and my Medic Team will save the whole Goddamn island! No more bleeding out! No more broken legs! No more respawning! No more lost loadouts! No more chaos on the Medic radio group chat! I'm Leroy Jenkins and I approve this message!
  8. Search on YouTube for Leroy Jenkins Asylum. I've got a few New Player Guides for you...
  9. Bro, I'll help you make money when we got the time...
  10. Typical Arma...I was rammed from behind by a cop once and was clear as day on my video. I watched his video of the same incident and it clearly showed him passing me closely on the left, deploying spike-strips along side of me and I went tumbling. Same incident, two completely different videos...Arma...
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