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  1. this makes me want to throw things around EVEN HARDER in my house
  2. this makes me want to throw things around in my house
  3. also in! but tomorrow
  4. a part of me is extremely weirded out by this introduction..... but a part of me is also like
  5. i found the sign in game. its right next to where marco is standing. 100k plz
  6. good luck! that photo is dope
  7. ive had to take up knitting as a hobby just to pass the time while i repair now without a kit
  8. Welcome back!!! phenomenal read, wishing you nothing but the best! cya around
  9. beautiful thank you
  10. BAMFFFFFFF just wondering why the servers keep rolling back? everytime its reset it rolls back
  11. had a small desync right after the patch was applied, but other than that its been smooth so far.
  13. LAG so far today as been almost non existent