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  1. who are you
  2. this look like a giant meme
  3. 1.5mil
  4. can I have 2 mil
  5. what you are doing is really nice! great work! It suck that nobody really care for that type of RP and that you probably gave alot of your time to do this . Maybe you should try a hard RP server.
  6. maybe you are tired and find it more funny
  7. Hey lynx , its not like you crashed 3 orca this week man.. RIP ME
  8. wait a bit before buying it.
  9. I do it for the RP , what do you mean
  10. Its a very light rp server buddy. get blindfold and they wont be able to communicate with each other
  11. RDM

  12. RDM

    seem pretty Ignorant for me and not stupid. But now you just lowered yourself to his level. good job bud!
  13. RDM

    No ? Just said to chill. No need to call him a Idiot. Idiot are just stupid people. Maybe he is just Ignorant ? and need a little help. If he is Idiot well RIP for him.
  14. RDM

    Damn chill out son