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  1. Im curious of why you don't like ''audi'' what is the reason ? is it because you had bad experience with them or ?
  2. audi rs3 2018, 86k
  3. Yusheng you are a legend
  4. Im sorry man, Im one of those guys. When I see a HEMMT I can not just let it go, IT HAS TO BE MINE.
  5. welcome, hope you enjoy your stay.
  6. dude Canada is going to win, the fuck you talking about
  7. tu sens la marde
  8. I joined a 50x server, got level 60 with ton of cash, Never got banned or anything about it. Fuck leveling on this shit, it take way too much time.
  9. you must be from P1 then
  10. got 400 barley to sell
  11. How is it fix, you just told me it wasnt ?
  12. So you are 14 now ?
  13. Thanks you forgot about it. its server 2