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  1. i've crashed more than i ever have while the toolkits were bugged out... thanks for fixing it!
  2. Not sure if this was an isolated incident, but it seems after the restarts, the server is quite laggy. Maybe a hard restart is necessary every 3 hours? Until the gremlins get sorted out, at least.
  3. Your new in-game name? It fits.
  4. There's a talent for increased mining speed. Owning 2 turfs already gives you a rebel discount. Phosphorus and Hydrogen Sulfate don't take long to gather. It's the ephedra that takes a hot minute, unless you have gang perk. The turf perks are well rounded. Just because people aren't making attempts to steal high value vehicles while they own zaros, doesn't make the perk useless. If they do ANYTHING with turfs, they need to give people the option to spawn there while that turf is active, If you own the turf, or if u have a house there.
  5. Fuck that, I want a downing zafir.
  6. i bet these guys fuck MAD bitches...
  7. Glass of Water? More like Glass of Should have been a prom-night-dumpster-baby...
  8. Make it so bounty hunters only get 5k+ bounties. It's a pain in the ass being a professional troll when I gotta run to the courthouse every 5 minutes to wipe my 2.5k bounty.
  9. Just remove the dirty money rollover script.
  10. Guilty... i couldnt help myself. Had to teach the trolls new ways...
  11. But, why??? Will they be back after my exploiting ban??
  12. patch notes?
  13. hahaha... i was practicing
  14. i haven't played asylum in a few weeks... i'm enjoying KOTH... might be back soon... and YES, new hunter skins would be TITS
  15. I mean, yeah, but do u got a 13-15 year old sister or cousin you can hook me up with? As long as you're not already hooking up with them. Bros before Hoes