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  1. Kavala is a place where that tends to happen a lot. Go other places like athira and pyrgos for generally less people/bad peoples. Not everyone is like that, asylum still has good people who will role-play with you. If you ever wanna have a role-play encounter, just have a bounty and turn yourself into the cops. Most officers role-play, some however do not, but if they don't then just ask for a higher up. If you need help getting started with anything or if you have any questions you can pm me. Same goes to anyone that needs anything. You will always encounter your trolls, and just tell people your new. I've seen some nice people who give new people stuff and help them out. Just like Mayhem said, if you comply and they shoot you then its RDM. You can report RDM if you have 5 minutes prior to them shooting you, and they shoot you after you've complied or if they shoot without saying anything. Initiation lasts 5 minutes as well (ex. telling someone put their hands up or die).
  2. XD as soon as I seen it I yelled "50!!!!" and ran with a guy I was talking to behind cover
  3. Smee was giving Roice skittles
  4. imma stay until the end of aslyum or arma 4, which ever happens first. Bout to move and gonna have 1GB up and down
  5. Will be here until the end, see you around one day. It has been a pleasure getting to know you. Take Care! <3
  6. I like it, pretty chill... could be in stellaris probably
  7. I never had a forum account until February 20th, I played on the server years ago and took break, started playing again at the end of last year.
  8. I will remake asylum except have the issues fixed if it means I can actually work on it and help save it. I refuse to say asylum is dying until I am the last person or the servers shut down.
  9. Almost got to ya, then it went downhill from there
  10. Having better things unlocked at higher ranks gives you reason to be your best and work your way up. Orcas are expensive anyway, people like to shoot you out. I still like hummingbirds, just wish they didn't cost so much to pull.
  11. Until I move, I'm stuck at a house in the middle of nowhere. All I have right now is a hot spot in my window as my internet and source of phone reception. I cannot get anything better from what I find, unless dial-up is still around, then maybe that might be. After 10GB they throttle it to 280kbps at least. Does anyone know if there's any other solution that is viable when you live in the middle of nowhere?
  12. Sounds good, hopefully the butter is soon
  13. Wheres the updates at?
  14. yep
  15. Got a code from a humble bundle, first one to use it gets it! fahoSZj0