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  1. This was a really good guide! @Bazzajack, there ya go
  2. Great choice, congrats Codie!
  3. This should be a thing that happens weekly, like a new theme every week. I love this!
  4. These are really good numbers, haven't seen this happen in a long time. Let's keep them up so the dev team can fix the servers!
  5. @ron the player still can't thank you enough for saving me from @Gregg and @killer11 from kidnapping me in Kavala. That speed bomb on that taru, 10/10 would love to see it again!
  6. We need to install railings on the roof in Kavala HQ. We need to stop people from doing this. This was the third victim in the period of 10 minutes. Forever may you rest in peace, Free.
  7. There's two halves to the whole. There are plenty of nice people, you just gotta find them. Tip for surviving on Asylum, stay out of Kavala Get to know who's good and who's not, join the APD if your looking for more role-play. As far as reporting goes, there is a limit on things that are tolerated. Don't be racist or bring personal information into the game to use against someone. If someone were to go and insult a cop by calling them a "pig," there's nothing to be done about that. I have found that being nice to most people has caused them to be nice back towards me. Just have fun with the interactions that you can have fun with.
  8. Love how I was killed in like half of those videos
  9. The servers had a little more than the population they do now. School was still going on when I started, just like school is going on now. By the summer time population will cap out more and average pop will increase. The population is there, the potential is still around for more, the problem is the things people can do. There is very little gang life now, and new people have a semi-hard time making money since the older players have money and just rob them or kill them a lot. There needs to be a way for newer people to be able to do things to make money, that also give incentive to gangs, and gives boosts to cops as well.
  10. The new people need to make money, and the old players need things to spend money on. Increase price of all rebel stuff and then people would probably start crafting everything more than buying it.
  11. That's a much better idea. Infamy gives you the sell boost, and cops give you the gathering boost
  12. When I first joined the APD, people always did drugs. Now people only do drugs mainly when there are no cops on, or when there are no people online. There should be an increase in sale price for drugs based on how many cops are on, but obviously cap out when there are a certain number of cops. It could be based on ranges such as 5-10 cops = 10% increase of sale price, 10-15 = 20% and so on. Those numbers are examples, but it could help people fight more and make more. More drugs, more money for cartels, more people fighting for cartels, possibility of better gang life? Everything said is theoretical, but it is worth the idea.
  13. Come over to 1, we won't bite
  14. Constable: *Not gonna worry about the illegal weapon or the wanted guy, I wanna drive the van* Cadet: *This guy is wanted, why is my constable wanting to drive a news van* This is the APD can you put your hands up
  15. For now we have been defeated by the animals of S2 https://gyazo.com/ef33bf1a3e2a36bbd3c5646db7c8751b