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  1. Bye

    talkin shit cause you own oil cartel lmfao
  2. that was like 2 months ago lol I'm Chris
  3. do i sense a bit of salt about something
  4. he tried to say "kys" without actually saying "kys"
  5. apparently the guy with the trg stole them about 5 mins later
  6. hmu for stolen cop gear
  7. thats a new one
  8. "crap" 10/10
  9. he's got a point there chip
  10. as far as i was told, the cop did get blacklisted @cHIP ōTLE
  11. Kid probably applied to corporal first chance he got and got denied so he rage quit the APD
  12. lmao
  13. dudes just salty af all the time, probably got blacklisted honestly
  14. im not that toxic :/
  15. im not that toxic :/