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  1. You can’t hit a shot past 1km why go up their
  2. Who is going to fight the cartel.
  3. No one plays anymore
  4. Ds just buys money rpg are nothing to them.Its not hard killing them the rpg is the only issue when fighting them.(which is rare)
  5. Selling lakka shed put offers below
  6. I got a lakka shed for sale
  7. Make sure you thank mason and put that in ur montage
  8. Only higer up can pull ghosts hawk and not every one carry’s a titan and that’s why they insurance.
  9. Posted again
  10. Yeah let’s bring medic striders to cartel. Terrible idea
  11. This is asylum not olympus
  12. make one -
  13. you bought a m900 look before you buy
  14. hm for a dp5 3 crate