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  1. Pilot Josh

    Dear Asylum

    I usually just get called a sweaty retard by Blake but that's just me
  2. Pilot Josh

    Asylum Hall Of Shame

    Still waiting on my video @Alec-I
  3. Pilot Josh

    Asylum Hall Of Shame

    only Encore members remember those days
  4. Pilot Josh

    Oh Look a Plane

    from a different viewpoint
  5. Yeah, who were PRISM anyway..
  6. When going undercover in Kavala basically meant being killed if you were caught
  7. Pilot Josh

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Military Police United States Navy. Currently deployed to Bahrain until the end of this year https://gyazo.com/d2205c102db6b08f2005941f8164fbac
  8. Pilot Josh

    [FSA] In a nutshell

    Hopping out of an Orca with a vest into HQ is nothing more than average for a day in the life of the almighty Free Syrian Army
  9. Pilot Josh

    Average Cop IQ displayed in GIf

    I can top that https://gyazo.com/930a911a6c55831ba449610d605e82b6
  10. Pilot Josh


    Fudger exposed
  11. Pilot Josh

    The Devious Donald Ep.1 [Pilot Josh Meme]

    lmao silly duncan
  12. Pilot Josh

    The Devious Donald Ep.1 [Pilot Josh Meme]

    it was some shmuk I paid 10k to change his name and get shot
  13. First I'd like to say special thanks to @J. Urbanowski and @Mr Smirnoff for helping film! Thanks @Luke SwagWalker and @Alec-I for being awesome inspiration for the making of this series. and to @Olivia for giving birth to this meme (thanks mom)