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  1. Hey i have been thinking a lot about the new DLC coming out for Arma. And i was just wondering if we would be getting any of the new guns, cars, skins, stuff like that. I think it would be cool if you added the new drone for the cop.
  2. Will we keep all are stuff
  3. MetelChest

    V2 and crates

    Dude they have to go to everyone on the sever look at all the crap they have and the make a new code for V2 its going to take a lot of time man, i only know a little about arma coding but so i may be wrong but im pretty sure they have to do something like that.
  4. Well i think its kinda stupid that every time that you get all your points (36) and then then when all the perks end you lose those. i think it should not be such a big drop from (36)
  5. Ik its not the admins cant keep doing this shit tho
  6. This is why the admins are sucking at there job they cant even reply with a real answer, and they will even hide the fact that all the admins house are stores and when they RDM player like us and dont comp when they can go get any thing from the house.
  7. No the admins would rather take things away from us
  8. You dont have to take this out on use make you ASCII better idk
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