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  1. Oh no another meme. Operation: Make SpartanOfHope meme. For the record there was a prison going on and was listening to communication on TS and owner of that orca was inside PD dome being processed. My awareness that day was on the prison every other day its 100%. Good funny ass video.
  2. Thank you JackH for reminding everyone about something I was actually right about but Im still considered a meme for that moment. Now looking back. I am glad I am that guy to make everyone laugh and have a moment to remember something for eternity even if its for the wrong reasons while everyone is too serious not worth being remembered.
  3. Pussy? Its called being professional and concern and paying his medical bills after what I did. Thank you very much.
  4. I am very picky on merch and the that black hoodie, cap, and mouse pad is fire! There goes me trying to save money.
  5. I forgot that Farmer Steve supporters get offended.
  6. You're missing Farmer Steve on that poll!
  7. Governor has been broken for almost half a year now. I been Governor and switches between me and Farmer Steve every week. I miss the thrill of people voting and it meaning something when I'm under the name Leonidas as Gov. Then there is Steve. We should know by now what he does when hes Gov. Asylum Dev(s) and Admins are lucky they didn't have randoms that would max taxes and screw everyone while it is currently broken. Steve and I been pretty fair on taxes 0% sales and only 10% on gas but imagine if it was stuck between two greedy shit heads that don't give a rats ass of the people and just max taxes and just stay hidden from view with a named changed. Just get it fix already. Thank you. -Governor Leonidas
  8. Event ended with a 1 v 1 winner takes all since someone ruined it.
  9. Rest In Pieces! Hope to get you back on the island.
  10. Hunger Games Event! Host by: Governor: Leonidas Server: 1 Time: 8/11/2018 5:30 pm PST [Pacific Standard Time] Location: Disclosed in group meeting. Rules: The selected area to fight in will get smaller overtime to avoid a long game but everyone can go anywhere in the area at first. Load Out: -Pistol -10 Clips -Combat Uniform First Aid / Food -5 Red Guls -1 Blood Bag -1 Splint -1 Pain Killer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prize Pool: 80k 40k 20k Bonus: 2k Per Kill [No matter what you place or are eliminated!
  11. Alright congrats. You're now on the list. Everyone in SPARTAN will now be informed. Good luck.
  12. Do you really want to be having to watch your back when I'm on the island seeing you and stalking you and waiting to strike?
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