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  1. Choo was the winner of 200k
  2. Event ended with a 1 v 1 winner takes all since someone ruined it.
  3. Rest In Pieces! Hope to get you back on the island.
  4. Hunger Games Event! Host by: Governor: Leonidas Server: 1 Time: 8/11/2018 5:30 pm PST [Pacific Standard Time] Location: Disclosed in group meeting. Rules: The selected area to fight in will get smaller overtime to avoid a long game but everyone can go anywhere in the area at first. Load Out: -Pistol -10 Clips -Combat Uniform First Aid / Food -5 Red Guls -1 Blood Bag -1 Splint -1 Pain Killer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prize Pool: 80k 40k 20k Bonus: 2k Per Kill [No matter what you place or are eliminated!
  5. Why am I always in videos for the wrong reasons? xD I was just trying to help dayum. He needed a splint.