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  1. would you be able to edit signature to display war rating/kdr? thanks for your contributions!
  2. destrah showing us leaked arma 4 asylum life's up-and-coming ghost cartel for christmas - what a fantastic present.
  3. this is an interesting idea. it think it's very possible that in the near future we may have the population and stability of not only two - but four large interconnected servers.
  4. might as well go all in
  5. Mauv

    New Moderators

    我爱你;恭喜 @YuSheng,现在你可以帮更多的retards。(我开玩笑)
  6. Mauv

    Any EFT Players?

    i got it yesterday too, the learning curve is super steep but i'll learn it with u, it's really addicting imo
  7. thank you for your hard work and dedication to the community, clint. i appreciate you not blacklisting me from the apd after i gated @revise those years ago and hearing me out -- good luck in your future endeavors.
  8. very delighted to see my friend @GO7NEY progress from this to the current
  9. @YuSheng 你杀 I have aids inmybut在0:52,他的MK-1技能不太好。。。他是一个垃圾的人哈哈哈
  10. didn't know you taught @Jayshawn
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