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  1. Ask @YuSheng, the 90 FOV God
  2. funny how when i did this to their group of 20 people after fed he was crying in group chat saying that we'd all get permbanned for metagaming
  3. oh right, the guy who always types like he's having a brain aneurysm
  4. idk if this has been answered yet elsewhere, but i'm just wondering what the situation is with the server going down so frequently in the past couple of days. it would be nice to have some official statement regarding the status of the server and when the downtime is going to be fixed; i think transparency would help a lot of people out here. lots of people are telling me DDoS, others are saying host problems -- whatever it is i'd personally like some clarity on the situation.
  5. Mauv

    Titles - Guide

    it would be cool if you guys could add some titles for cartels and civilian player vs. player relating to things attributing to war kills and points, more focused on cartels or turf captures; ie: Street Vendor / Window Cleaner (capture OG Arms 15 times for your gang or kill 50 enemy gang members in this area) Holy Servant / Tree Rocker (capture Church Arms 30 times for your gang or kill 15 enemy gang members from within the church) Product Pusher / A Rock (capture Tower Drug 10 times for your gang or " ") same thing with Zaros, Rodopoli and Panagia.. different titles with d
  6. @YuSheng 昨天你跟我说过“ mock ride-along”,就是这个?
  7. @YuSheng 这些人们都是一批菜,种族主义者。我爱你兄弟。
  8. Mauv

    Staff Updates

    @YuSheng 恭喜我姐姐,我总是知道这会发生。
  9. new crosshair skrood
  10. would you be able to edit signature to display war rating/kdr? thanks for your contributions!
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