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  1. very delighted to see my friend @GO7NEY progress from this to the current
  2. @YuSheng 你杀 I have aids inmybut在0:52,他的MK-1技能不太好。。。他是一个垃圾的人哈哈哈
  3. didn't know you taught @Jayshawn
  4. these guys all in Oblivion...
  5. lmao @Hype these are the guys ur fighting?
  6. Mauv

    V2 feedback

    Why not put Spirit Distillery in a more centralized location? The area it's in now barely gets any interaction and now that it's being nerfed and more time consuming I believe the area will be visited far less frequently. The APD doesn't go up there unless they have a helicopter (and even then, it's out of the way of everything and barely gets checked) and it's relatively easy to avoid combat if you own a house near or at Abdera. Move it to a more centralized area and remove the grind for 15 year to 25 year at the distillery; incentivize civilians and APD alike to utilize checking the area more often.
  7. i wish i got 30-50 fps in Pyrgos HQ
  8. This video is shit and you shouldn't watch it, please take warning that the comedic level of montaging and/or roaching og arms may lead to blindness or a false sense of self respect. the video also contains topless pictures of samperino and uncut footage of darkknight. welcome to the 5th installment of the 100 series. azeh is told of olympus and must go deeper into his layered dreams to find jbdragon, gen henry arnold and the black pearl. If you have not yet dreamed of sexual asylum encounters with either popular players (zaka) or marzoh then you have not truly experienced asylum rpg life.
  9. @Jake "Thread has been cleaned up" next 2 pages of people yelling at each other
  10. at least bounty hunters at cartels don't know how to fly https://gyazo.com/9f539cbf66e221bfe7a122864cb13ec0
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