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  1. @Gaskal recommended me this
  2. Now these are the top quality montages I want to see
  3. You are, no matter whatever reason they give. Practically the oldest APD rule since forever.
  4. Why yes, I would love some more corrupt cadets
  5. Exactly my point, you are too nice of a Canadian that you have reached a point to where it's mean.
  6. Around that price pretty much, expensive enough to make people think twice if its worth throwing. Even though, I don't think it will ever exist. Been asking for this for years.
  7. I can guarantee if it was ever implemented, the grenades would cost alot more than 1k.
  8. @HapHazardHe never says sorry even though he's canadian
  9. If your girl's name is tiffany, I have some bad news for ya.
  10. When the Vans were released I was actually against it and suggested the APD not being able to use the vans at all at the fed to the other Captains. As I said, the Captains are already aware = the captain's are discussing it and possible changes. But ya, I guess removing/limiting vans from the APD's use at the fed makes me too stupid to understand.
  11. According to the development team this isn't exploiting and is something they will allow. As for the APD side of things, the Captains are already aware.
  12. Better apology than what 99% of blacklisted people give me
  13. Someone didn't see the video of what happens when you follow durga in a sports hatch...
  14. "Who the fuck is SqueezyPie?"