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  1. All yours, have fun.
  2. Please go watch this amazing streamer that I decided to give a shout out from the goodness of my heart
  3. Can confirm Norwegian was forced to change precincts
  4. Unfollowed
  5. Asylum is a light RP server, it is up the officers discretion to give you his gear or not. If one of the first things you say when you kidnap me is "Drop your gear in the car/chopper", ya, you're not getting my gear. Heck, I remember when we had free loadouts of any kind we wanted, and officers still wouldn't drop their gear due to the horrible RP. You reap what you sow, you provide horrible RP, expect to receive it right back.
  6. A person with an imaginary rank? Ya.. that's right, I just roasted myself...
  7. The APD Senior staff lost their access to splunk due to them not contributing to the cost of something they were using. Only the Administrator staff have access to splunk.
  8. I swear in one of the old guidebooks there was a charge for a civilian Roleplaying as an officer. Myself and the other Captains will discuss this and see if it is necessary to work up a charge for Non-whitelisted players roleplaying as a cop.
  9. Hands down best match I have ever seen
  10. I knew this was coming congrats gnashes, I'm glad that you can help asylum out more now and not be as restricted.
  11. Paratus patched it like a year ago where you can't set off suicide vests in the air. When the vest was activated in the air, you could see the spawned bomb hit the HQ and explode.