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  1. That was the issue, tyvm
  2. I get the same issue myself when I switch to 64bit, 10 FPS. Still trying to figure out what is causing it.
  3. APD Policy Update... So basically just put like 2 meth in my ifrit so it gives me a chance to get it back when to cops have to drive it back?

  4. He is the hero that we need, but not the one that we deserve.
  5. Is this your official statement of you coming out of the closet?
  6. Ya except you can't spawn in pyrgos HQ as a civ, highway you can with a house. Vests outside the wall don't always kill every time either.
  7. Every time I'm on a server, its usually at highway due to how easy it is to hold down for most officers.
  8. In the title, looking to buy houses in the Highway Patrol HQ to vest some briefings. Servers 2 and 3.
  9. My boy katheeri going to hot drop on the bank roof with some ghosthawks today... I will probably stream some of it today.
  11. Blacklisted Do not reapply
  12. Can we replace @Deazy Johnson with another admin?
  13. With these upgrades you never stood a chance...