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  1. +1 Everyone needs the opportunity to express their love of certain races through artistic design jk lmao -1
  2. RDM, he didn't give the driver enough time to comply
  3. TURN: Washington's Spies Narcos Frontier
  4. Threw in 500, made 4000, now i'm sitting at 1,700
  5. New APD Policy Update The APD can patrol debug island and lethal any criminals logging in.
  6. Thank you for the video. I will be submitting the player report immediately to the authorities to make sure that this is taken care of. Get fuckin rekt.
  7. Well it looks like visiting the prisoners is no longer a thing
  8. Can't tell, ask the community since I haven't personally promoted any females ever
  9. Welcome back to asylum Angela! According to the community I seem to be a pretty popular pick with the ladies around here. I hope you enjoy your return!
  10. Talk shit get hit