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  1. Better apology than what 99% of blacklisted people give me
  2. Someone didn't see the video of what happens when you follow durga in a sports hatch...
  3. "Who the fuck is SqueezyPie?"
  4. I will miss your rage moments in Golf It. :,(
  5. I 100% agree with all of your statements, fuck the APD. We need precinct leader @Norwegianviking to step up to the plate and save us.
  6. @BeefPatty Message me on TS when you see me if you ever want to sit down for a bit and discuss your opinions about these issues and ways they can be resolved. I would have to type up a 5,000 word essay to respond to all this.
  7. Or download bluestacks on your computer?
  8. Just received my code, only took an hour.
  9. No, if you pre-ordered you get the beta 2 days earlier, after that its open beta. If you want to play the beta earlier you can shell out 10 cents to best buy.
  10. Works, just got one. Have fun.
  11. I think recon requires 7 or 8 people responding to swat. Haven't seen it in a long time.
  12. I second this, You cannot reach the ducktape or do a time run in the obstacle course. Game breaking bug, literally unplayable.
  13. Great song choice, tired of hearing female trap music in every montage on the forums.