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  1. If you like the Total War series, Warhammer is on sale for $20 from its usual price of 60
  2. Welp, mortars were fun while they lasted. Now there's gonna be 12 people at base every game spamming enemy spawns with it.
  3. #Hap4CM
  4. Since some people like and dislike tanoa, i recommend at the start of every map that there be a voting poll in-game for the next map cycle. This would let the majority of people on pick the map they like instead of just forcibly changing it every few days.
  5. It works for some air vehicles, not all
  6. @ParatusIs there a fix coming for those who can't buy any vehicles on strife but can pull from existing vehicles in their garage? Had this bug for the past 24 hours and it still persists
  7. Also, there is a bug were some people are not able to buy vehicles in the crewman roles
  8. Cannot re-arm air vehicles
  9. Why are the large drones 40k for only 3-4 laser guided missiles? Seems a bit much since that thing literally has no defense against other Aircraft from what I've seen. Maybe trim 10-20k off the price and people may use it?
  10. 10/10 @Zorrak kill
  11. Can we get a fix on static AA/AT launchers? Built some yesterday and they despawned.
  12. Please paratus, if I'm shooting more than 1.5-2km out, I have to send a teammate to spot for where my shots land
  13. Bohemia thing, asylum can't change that