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  1. Come watch @Painbringa112 strip every time he gets a kill.
  2. Can't rearm drones
  3. Reason why I don't use the sheet, it is not 100% accurate and is open to too much TK. The method I use took a few hours of research but is 100% on point so TKs are rare.
  4. Very true, I have lost count how many people I have met that are old enough to be my dad on here yet they act like a spoiled child in a store when they don't get their way.
  5. Before strife was taken down I was able to shoot nonstop for 15 minutes straight without reloading, remove the ammo trucks, not the turrets.
  6. Don't mind me just stirring the pot
  7. Got pilot coveralls on my first $20 ayy lmao
  8. Apparently there was already a premade sheet which is how most people were now able to use it so quickly.
  9. wait mortars are gone? you telling me i spent hours figuring out how to use them without the arty computer to only be removed?
  10. #unbankatheeri
  11. I didn't even see you land, scared the shit outta me
  12. y do you make our lives miserable
  13. You're done for m8