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  1. On P4, tracers have to be authorized
  2. Now this is the kind of montage I'm talking about!
  3. This isn't the rainbow six forums
  4. This is abuse of my meme rights I shall contact the appropriate authorities about this
  5. Have fun reporting them for RDM
  6. Asylum Australia V2
  7. Can confirmed that is what Pain actually looks like
  8. Pilot coveralls for medics please, we need protection against the kavala warriors
  9. the legend
  10. Beats going to jail for 45 min
  11. You didn't catch me
  12. Props to this guy, was the only cop in kavala for over an hour putting up with our shenanigans.
  13. Did you just assume my gender?
  14. You tag me and I'm not even in the meme? You disappoint me