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  1. I think its on the east side of the map? Just pull out a chopper and fly around, you will find it in 5 minutes.
  2. I got my coveralls on my first $20
  3. I see you my good sir and raise another 100k
  4. Isn't this the video that got him permed off asylum?
  5. Man I remember those, if you had this as a kid, you were the shit.
  6. One of the men from your village found something and sent me this... @Eli
  7. 99% of medics would use this power given to them for evil in kavala....
  8. Why is that cringe song in the background x_x


    Well since the most suck cocking APD member of the community removed me, I honestly do not care...

  10. Servers with battleye enabled usually have lag
  11. What he said
  12. And this is why I live in kavala, you are a god down there against the rook warriors if you are wearing coveralls.
  13. Yes, we would love to go back to the kavala prison +1
  14. @Ronald
  15. I would like to announce that we have a new LT spot open