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  1. When you're being a sidechat warrior capping cartels and your mom says its time to brush your teeth and go to bed
  2. +1 We need a terror alert any time @Gaskal pilots any aircraft
  3. If you see me on TS hmu if you need someone to show you the ropes
  4. "Here we go boys, Armor on Armor" Famous last words before 1 Week VDM - Clint
  5. Can confirm, reapered slapped me as well
  6. That's not the only thing Clock likes to suck on
  7. I Don't play fortnite
  8. @Pippi looking for someone to replace gaskal
  9. Meanwhile my crew wants to port and sell only after 1 hour of sailing.
  10. I literally spat out my drink when the eating ass clip played o7