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  1. if it was a button on the website you couldn't yoink the files
  2. Leady just said they can't when the server was lagging. it'd be good if there was a way they could do it via the website or something
  3. It'd be good if admins could restart the servers when they were lagging
  4. Video's up in 1440p, Youtube blocked it for being "too long" and I had to verify my account...
  5. First 5~ minutes are us chasing the people who just finished a prison to rebel and back to the strider which they stole during their escape. At 10~ minute the heat gets turned up, they take out our rescue crew... 16-23 minutes contain the worst strider driving you have ever seen. It was really good fun to be part of this chase, one of the best chases I've ever been part of... I'd recommend watching from around 6:30 minutes in. My mic wasn't picked up by geforce experience cause I screwed it up, but everyone hates my voice so it's for the best. @danile666 uploaded his perspective of the chase in this thread:
  6. In-game Name: jamie Age: 15 Previous Gangs: toxicity Hours on Arma 3: 1900~ Do you have any friends in the gang? maybe https://gyazo.com/badd59a53c9f9cc02ed832dfab36711d
  7. In-Game Name: Jamie Age: 13 Estimated Asylum Time{screenshot}: 600 Bank Balance{screenshot}: Have you ever been banned, if so why? RDM, combat storing Do you have a mic and Discord? yes Current and Past Gangs? past: Toxicity If in a current gang, why are you looking to leave? Why do you want to join our gang? looking to fight cartels on s3 Are you in the APD, if so, what rank? constable Do you know any members of our gang? no
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