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  1. Marzoh

    Asylum Apparel

    i would buy one but theres no 3x, maybe next time!
  2. Marzoh

    Sidechat Idea..

    ur idea sucks idiot
  3. Marzoh

    Explicit | Montage

    all your montages are singles with you speeding up to the next kill, simmer down
  4. Marzoh

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    im here for u willy
  5. Marzoh

    Change Log 8.3.1

    i like seeing the word added :^)
  6. Marzoh

    Asylum #5

    u scuk faggot
  7. Marzoh


    if u used the soundpack, your brain doesnt work
  8. Marzoh

    Kareem Kinte | Montage #4

    yeah you're just a fucking degenerate that im not going to waste my time in replying to you. cut your hair loser before i pick u up by your feet and use ur head to clean my kitchen floor. and h1 skins from years ago? good roast dude, not gonna bother in replying to you bc youre a retard, so dont quote me again idiot
  9. Marzoh

    Kareem Kinte | Montage #4

    you're awful, your montage preview or w/e u had, might as well delete that, you blow at the game retard, delete it all along with your dogshit gang. go try to merge with some more shitters, hopefully that will last longer than a week
  10. Marzoh

    Kareem Kinte | Montage #4

    matteo, you've been playing arma with over 200 hrs for these last couple of years and still get on to grind money like a little fag. and as for me skipping school to play arma, i didnt skip school to play arma. i skipped school because i didnt have to go since i didnt struggle in highschool like you currently are failing multiple classes / taking retard classes hoping to graduate with your 1.5 GPA.
  11. Marzoh

    Kareem Kinte | Montage #4

    no one cares about how good a montage is retard, its arma in 2019, you care way too much about this shit lmao you probably have over 150 hours in the past 2 weeks playing arma daily
  12. Marzoh

    Free runescape member

    i like boys