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  1. wow ure so funny lol!
  2. when im toxic i get put on mod queue, can i be un mod queued now pls ty
  3. yup

    idk if playing league is ur thing
  4. confused in what this gyazo is lmao
  5. XD
  6. don’t forget the clip where he killed the guy on whaletail with his gun on his back. best clip in there tbh
  7. 1:00 btw, nice clip man.
  8. he couldn’t do it while being held to a higher standard on this amazing server filled with amazing people.
  9. reinstall battleye
  10. good job big W
  11. they need to do something bc people using 10 quilins for cartels is stupid
  12. no it was probably everyone after restarts drawing swastikas and drawing the n word.
  13. make quilins/prowlers cost infamy or increase price of them just like on cop.