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  1. lucky i am reformed or i would roast you buddy
  2. is the whole video corrupted or specific clips of the video?
  3. who plays bdo when u can play maplestory
  4. pretty good patch
  5. i served my time of the mod queue too
  6. 17 turning 18 soon!
  7. can u buy me it? ill play
  8. xD

    have no idea why youre spamming crouch lol
  9. yeah if i join you will die first everytime. mexican standoff i got like 60 kills ezpz
  10. yeah cause me having a car has to do with me having yeezys... i could have a car when I was 16 but decided not to go through drivers training and just wait it out til 18. so in 3 months i will have a car with probably another pair!