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  1. u suck
  2. hahhahaha this made me fucking laugh bro ur a meme
  3. why are ur clips so long, it reminds me of massi's first montage looooloolololol
  4. l8r bot
  5. ur shit just like u are at league
  6. no issues for you because all u do is camp spawns, must be a fun time youre having
  7. holy shit ur a good player
  8. He's fake like his fake yeezys
  9. I think it's time to get out of bronze. No but for real I'm climbing. Tired of shit adcs on my team. Had to go back to my twitch roots
  10. .

  11. infantry only with malden would be good. its a good map but those ds retards sitting in tanks and camping spawns is a nono
  12. They dick ride you and gave you a little slap on the wrist. lmaoaoaooaoaoaooa
  13. Let's all make a "multi kill" montage and speed up every clip. Oh wait. Don't forgot to add some pulldowns to it to make it ever better
  14. what is this awful quality, i cant even read sidechat holy shit