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  1. black people dont have grease in their hair
  2. come in ts
  3. not a school id mister, photoshop the id of what your birthday is!!!
  4. the water is wet so pouring more water on even more water is even more wet!
  5. server is shit. crashes when 4 explosions go off in kavala square. hahah
  6. google doc works good!
  7. the reason why people started messaging people if they wanted to fight is because gangs arent on ready to fight at all times. i know i dont want to sit on cap for an hour waiting for a gang to magically appear with an ifrit ready to attack. the friendly shit didnt kill cartels at all, people still fought occasionally when they were setup and now 0 gangs fight. and who did the no chop? only reliance did that.
  8. people say the earth is round but no, its not. if our shoes are flat, the world is flat.
  9. there is no space in our world. the world we live in is flat.
  10. @1:28, his titties are the same size as mine!
  11. olympus is basically getting defibs!!!
  12. thats what im saying
  13. just bc asylum is dead doesnt mean that koth is!!
  14. what grade do you teach and what subject?