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  1. when did he say anything about the money you make from the meth? chester is saying that it takes too long to gather ingredients.
  2. yeah but almost 30 mins for each ingredient is crazy, and u have to do 2 runs of the same ingredient to fill up a crate to do house runs. takes ages.
  3. prefer 120k or 150k
  4. yeah dude, i had 20 mins to do this paper, finished with 3 mins left. xddddddddddddddd
  5. Yeah dude you caught us
  6. he called me an ugly lookin kid
  7. but ur shit, only 3 kills in 5 rounds
  8. shit looks so fun haha
  9. why is it 480p lol, i cant even read sidechat
  11. 1v1 me on london m8
  12. I gotchu hehexd
  13. anyone play 8 ball on the miniclip?