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  1. yeah i agree, i love getting on and instant mass kicks. fix this shit, so annoying. tired of being in mid fight and server decides to kick and then i lose my loadout. i dont got money coming out from my ass
  2. Factions with mcmmo so I can axe ur shit
  3. Vanilla minecraft is ass. All about tekkit little boys @Space. @ChicoXL
  4. Have you won a game of h1 yet willerz? It's pre season 4 now pal
  5. youre awful
  6. heard u been playing a lot @Thomas
  7. corsair 670t
  8. ill drop on a log on ur 4head boi
  9. ur shit kid, always feed on league
  10. I got points from it lmao. But it wasn't for me actually going there. Salty sgt said leave and I didn't.
  11. I have a 120k between dp3 and dp5
  12. george and lenny :/