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  1. I made one of these before like a year ago after getting permed thinking I wouldn't come back but eventually I did after getting unbanned. But this is my last one for sure as I'm not going to be playing this server anymore. I know some of you guys don't care for these but I don't really care. I started playing Arma late 2015 when I got my computer. After I got my computer only person I knew was @pLayToy from Xbox from the MW2 days. He bought Arma for us and we then played on Asylum. My very first gang I joined was Continental Army, I was a Kavala rat but then I met @Gravity which bought me my very first rebel gun. After Continental Army, @Tricks, @pLayToy, and I joined Retribution which was one my first cartel gangs with some good people like @Storm7, @King, and some others. After that gang I met some people like mike xdd which me and him played with Latin Kings. Then I applied for Bratva where I met the boys who I still talk to today, @ChicoXL, @JaeJae, @Keneith, and some others. Once that gang fell apart, we made our gang Valiant which led into Decimation where Lawless and us merged. After that gang I applied to join Prime which was in like Nov 2016. Thats where I met some people like @Tiger, @Addon, @troublesome, @Shepurd and some other cool people that I still play with today like @Drew, After Prime disbanded, I made my own gang, Stellar with @ChicoXL, @Squirtle, I met a lot of great people like @Dally, @TryHardSqueaker, @OperationSB, @Chungo, @Sk7 and @Chester GoldPenis, but after Stellar falling through the roof so many times I joined Temper. Then towards the end I met another good group of friends @Tyrese, @Dom, @Term, @Clockwerk, @BaDaBiNg_10-8, @Nino Brown and some other career cops. Throughout my whole time on Asylum, I always thought that Envy always hated me, but I feel like we became friends at one point even though we didn't talk at all. Only times would be in the Holding Cell or in my stream, @Sheep, @Azeh, @Anthony_, @Wang Liqin As of now, I see there is no future of Asylum and I hate to see that because this is where I first started. I want to see this go on for more but like most people say things come to an end, I wasn't trying to write a big life long story but just to write a history of my time with Asylum. I met a lot of chill people here, cant tag most but I give a big shout out to all the Prime boys, that was my very first good gang that gave me a chance. I remember I was going to get kicked with my 2 week trial week but my boy @troublesome came through having them extend my trial. Goodbye everyone <3 I know I'm missing some people but bye!
  2. how much oly money did he pay you?
  3. dont forget the gunnars
  4. i mean when i drop on you and run to my trunk itd do some good
  5. i got a big ole AR-15 in my trunk all times
  6. thats what usually what a wipe means
  7. nice emo music
  8. you are a complete degenerate
  9. hi big fan ( :
  10. how isn’t fighting the bank over and over again fun? would you rather drive around looking for people that are not running drugs? or roleplaying with people with under a 20k bounty?
  11. just please do something with quilins, tired of seeing 15 people in their own quilin driving around at the cartel.
  12. thats hilarious dude
  13. i go make meth while no one is online, and go sell all my meth when a lot of cops are on.
  14. 2015 btw and that was the whole point of the pic. glad you noticed with that big brain of yours u have
  15. gang wars 5 & 6