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  1. active guild looking for competition
  2. accepted, wb! steam rollers are back in action, wb!
  3. [About] ========================= Friends who like to fight cartels. ========================= [Requirements] 1k hours Know cartels Have money for loadouts ========================= [Application] Name - Age - Hours - Vouches - ========================== Roster
  4. I also like driving around almost like i'm playing a driving simulator almost and getting barely any action around the island. its almost like these activities theyre doing is giving the cops on something to do besides driving around aimlessly around doing nothing, i would be happy to go to these events instead of roleplaying for 5k with someone.
  5. the twitch app is super easy, pick the mod pack u want, hit download, then hit play once it downloads lol
  6. @Term the time has come, lets hope the brown noising worked this time.
  7. modded server is up. come ts if u want to come play
  8. were doing another modded minecraft server, if you want to play, message me on here. only bringing people that will actually play and not mess around!!!!! serious minecrafters only!
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