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  1. Thats the thing lol
  2. For each cop that is on the server, the price of illegal activities go up. So lets say base price of meth is 1300 and 10 cops are on, the base price would be 2300. The price per cop doesn't have to be 100 it could 30 or whatever. There is some bugs about this but something you could think about.
  3. I dont talk to this guy at all lol. I was typing and I posted it to see he wrote the same exact thing...
  4. keep it the same but just increase the amount u get paid from lethaling.
  5. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 i think i see ur oxygen tank
  6. its good but for this one add 10k per minute while in cap
  8. uninstall arma and reinstall
  10. Everyone starts from somewhere.
  11. yeah sorry, steve, we already are true civilians known as the BBs located in Los Santos riding around in our Rumpos.
  12. Sorry, events dont happen anymore because if they do, the server will just crash.
  14. youre talking about this yasuo?
  15. good player!