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  1. p3 is full of degenerates with double digit IQs. bank would have 10 people on roof and they would still be on downing.
  2. what other relevant server has performance issues as much as this one?
  3. its not the game, its the server u disabled ape
  4. theres ur answer
  5. told me to like this
  6. wonder what next retard higher-up is going to be the next designer of that beautiful prison
  7. canadians for ya
  8. cya

  9. this was so funny man, cant wait for your second one!
  10. i wonder who those higherups would be
  11. random guns around a city. people start in the middle. last one alive wins 10 million dollars
  12. if they cant find actual content to add might as well add something new
  13. great video man! watched all 22 minutes and 54 seconds of it!
  14. wow good job man