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  2. who would 1v1 on snd back in the day? zzz
  3. i do, i have my weapon +15 and 1 piece of armor +15 and everything else is almost +15 but i still cant do anything
  4. i’m not sick of grinding. i can’t kill things by myself so i need some assistance and @Space. is not always home like me >:)
  5. @Sugarfoot
  6. that was so funny
  7. hi
  8. nice work son
  9. if you would've hid a keyboard in the fridge, i prob woulda found it within seconds!!!!!
  10. wow youre so cool man
  11. i dont think so
  12. feels great getting feedback from a trashcan
  13. kys idiot
  14. ok im coming but im only like 15 so