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  1. HK / FAL / M1A Those are the only guns you need
  2. #giveusourthreadback #giveourmembertheiraccountback #giveallourmembersanunban #giveallourmemberstheirmoneyback #giveallourmembersanunbanondiscordandtheteamspeakservers #givestellarwhattheyneedtoreviveasylum #giveallstellarmembersnomoremodqueuesotheforumscanbegreatagain #givestellarthisstuffsoicanstopgrindingandwastingallmymoneyonmaplestory
  3. Marzoh

    R6 EU

    @ChicoXL i think he needs another carry
  4. Remove those shitter things
  5. That’s what we like to see baby. Good work
  6. lets see some progress pics
  7. Should I continue to main my night lord or main my pathfinder?
  8. thats about the only thing you can do as a useless support member besides sitting in a ts channel trying to help people, stop thinking you have any relevance bc you dont
  9. Marzoh


    arma has turned into hvh just like csgo young fella
  10. make money more enjoyable
  11. unmodqueue me please
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