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  1. Thomas


    @Clint Beastwood @BaDaBiNg_10-8 Any thoughts on adding this weapon ?
  2. Thomas

    Bounty hunter shop for Therisa

    -1 As the typically rat I am in Therisa, this opens up to much competition. True scumbags like myself don't mind driving over to Therisa with a po7 to shoot fresh spawns for easy bank. Seriously, if you need a bounty hunter shop to attack the "90% of the time" unarmed bounties you should just stick to Kavala.
  3. Thomas

    Did you prefer Stratis or Tanoa?

    OG Strais for meth, (without meth was garbage) vs Space Turtle ownership of Tanoa "most of the time" (So much cartel money for free sui vests) Cash was amazing on both, just for a change in terrain and cartel locations, I would say Tanoa topped it
  4. Thomas

    Donor Rewards!!!!

    You already know its a great idea, i'll take a couple crate keys as a thank you
  5. Thomas

    Donor Rewards!!!!

    Product placement, in-game advertising and sponsorship is allowed. Kavala Square sign, 1 week advertising, $250. The memes would be amazing.
  6. Thomas

    *Breaking News* Asylum Record

    Guessing you spammed the prison conspiracy charge ? @STON3COLDK1LL3R
  7. Thomas

    Donor 7 perk update

    Upfront cost would need to be reasonable but high enough to be limited to a degree, maybe like $20 change cost if you want something new. (This is considering admins or devs would need to edit the file)
  8. Thomas

    Donor 7 perk update

    Any thoughts on custom licence plates ?, Maybe not in the donor ranks but a 1 off payment like $100 to make them limited but unique ?
  9. Thomas

    Donor 7 perk update

    Cannon would need to shoot flashbangs for it to be worth while.
  10. Thomas

    Change Log 8.3.0

    I would say for the lower calibre and better mag capacity a similar price couldn't hurt. Basically an upgraded PDW/ Katiba with more ammo, 15k or so
  11. Thomas

    Change Log 8.3.0

    @Clint Beastwood Any opinions on adding the new P90 weapon for rebel ?
  12. Thomas

    Change Log 8.3.0

    Well, i'm going bankrupt much quicker than I expected now.
  13. Thomas

    Willing to buy shed S1 kavala

    @DosWolf Not happening.
  14. Thomas

    New Development team members

    Make a roulette spin also and i'm going bankrupt, all in on red.
  15. Thomas

    Asylum Announcement

    Was all clearly a scam for free real estate, I see what you did Sold to market 2 donor rebel houses, Athira medical house, Kavala square house, WHY U DO DIS 2 ME nothing left to rebuy