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  1. 1. Removing group cap just stacks the gangs even more, do you want 20/30 person gangs taking half the server pop. (New player sees 30 people in the same gang online, what chance do they have) 2. Money cap/ prestige is an end game kinda reward for people who put the effort in, whats the point removing it now? Just stock up meth in a crate to avoid running low on cash, its effectively the same thing. 3. Cant argue war kills should = Infamy 4. OG Prison was great but heavily civ sided. 5. New rebel location is pointless, its not suppose to be a safe/ easy place to get gear, 3 still gives a fair balance if another is camped.
  2. As you can see, he is perfectly fine.
  3. Offered comp on the other dudes heli, cops fair game
  4. Got any houses worth buying ?
  5. +1 Steve + Funyuns 0% tax solution
  6. @Zoex Just so you dont feel left out.
  7. I got mine from Reasonably priced compared to building it yourself given the warranty. Cost £2.2k total, parts alone worked out around 2K if I was to build it but got 2 years warranty for everything including parts. Only issue I had was a harddrive fail within a few weeks of getting it but they sent out a replacement without much hassle.
  8. Been in game for ages, the governor can toggle it on/off so most of the time you don't see it. #ShitGovernor #FarmerSteve4Gov Steve would not allow this injustice.
  9. 33mill, thats cute Ill just dig out the screenshot of me being over 100mill Cash out while you can.
  10. In game now if you want to sell the Kavala house for 750k
  11. Fuck now I need to wait for a cracked version to be released Enjoy @thero