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  1. Nightfury

    Change Log 8.3.0

    you only fixed the animation for drilling the door drilling the vaults animation is still bugged.
  2. Nightfury


    ok thats uneeded information
  3. Nightfury

    Reapered don't hide the truth.

    u chating shit to the snailboys? dont let me catch you in kavala hq
  4. Nightfury

    Widsyy - Last Montage

    has the potential to be a snailboy!
  5. Nightfury

    Been Fun

  6. Nightfury


    snail raid 123 approves
  7. Nightfury

    what the fuck is this

    someone hook the boy @Sijanec up with a comp tyty
  8. Nightfury

    Video contest submission - Alec-I

    tbh you should not get 20 keys for that. they should just give you 20 of whatever you ask for from the crates.
  9. Nightfury

    When you got the right car to chop

    i think it might be 10%
  10. Nightfury

    WTS S2 Athira Drug Dealer House (SOLD)

  11. Nightfury

    The hottest drop in the west

    in what world do you live in...
  12. Nightfury

    typical tower push

    why did you apply to join fsa then feller? (and dont say i applied 2 years ago or whatever because 2 years ago fsa was roleplaying as muslims too) no one wants you in their gang, group cap being removed is the only reason why you are in one. stay salty bud
  13. Nightfury

    Looking for a team