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  1. couldn't have said it better myself, he really is one hell of a guy
  2. I wouldnt pay that number in zimbabwe dollars for this ship, it would appear to be damaged and sinking
  3. cant argue with ya there
  4. Quality gameplay
  5. This might be exactly what we need to revive this server and the gang life!!! +1
  6. Wang "the prick" Liqin ill save ya some money and just ask for a grinder for all my herbs and spices
  7. short answer, yes.
  8. We only play global counter : global strike offensive around these parts
  9. @Sean That Irish Guy @Sheep @Widsyy @Azeh @Rodrigo think we found a solid contender for our new mid hold
  10. That just takes all the run out of it
  11. Envy is in full support and will assist in any rules being broken on March 26th.
  12. If someone didnt record this then someone just missed out on some quality fourm likes. Sounds like this guys in the running to replace MatthewV
  13. Never really talked to you but you seemed to be an ok guy! Happy retirement, never change!
  14. Hey @drex did you ever find out if blocking someones heli and vdming is considered vdm? its been on my mind for months now.