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  1. @Sheep
  2. The only people fit and sane minded for the role have no chance because of two letters infront of their name
  3. this is the best news asylum has got in years, thank god.
  4. Reapered was one of the original Envy members when we started in 2015 and played with us again before he got moderator/admin. The "one of the boys now" joke is what we say to all of our admins, they are either with us or against us in Envy ts and when your an asylum admin your against us. Im just the middle man in this battle, but hey sure why not
  5. hi is this the videos and screenshots section? i have a submission
  6. One of the boys now @Sheep @SharingWriter
  7. stop centering everything you type you fucking goblin
  8. Thank god hes gone, was only a matter of time before he hits Envy with a grotty gangs. Thank you for your continued service making this community great again @Mitch (IFRIT) @Clint Beastwood
  9. Not only is this one of the most pathetic comebacks you have possibly ever given, I'm really just not sure where the connection to anything is, I could link a few of your exploit bans and it would also be not relevant to how stupid your first comment was.
  10. Listen to yourself pal
  11. GROTTY GANGS [Envy] the final nail in the coffin
  12. That was pretty much the whole meme, the rest is just filler getting to that part
  13. figured tensions are at an all time high lately, can always use a good meme to calm it down, enjoy. Credit to @Sheep for the meme idea.
  14. Apache when he hits the lagswitch
  15. Envy currently have around 50% of the asylum administrator team inside the gang, maybe we can come to some sort of deal here.. you give me something and in return you get a few votes. contact me x