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  1. Have the arms chop only return materials not cash, people will use it to chop qulins to annoy eachother and maybe the odd ifrit or two
  2. Happy to announce our new partnership with UberEats! a company that has held the operations of envy together for years! get your new merch
  3. just a small look into the quality of the envy teamtage
  4. 3 years & 8 months with practically the same roster, my boys were with me catchin a case the other night.
  5. Dont remember saying that I was? I was simply just calling you lot of sewer trolls nobodys on a gaming forum.
  6. yikes you ask who one nobody is and the yellow bus pulls up fulla them, apologies fellas
  7. I think HotWings has proven himself worthy of this award after his years of stupid opinions
  8. hey!!! envy is much more than just a gang https://envy.rip/ join us now!
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