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  1. @Sean That Irish Guy @Sheep @Widsyy @Azeh @Rodrigo think we found a solid contender for our new mid hold
  2. That just takes all the run out of it
  3. Envy is in full support and will assist in any rules being broken on March 26th.
  4. If someone didnt record this then someone just missed out on some quality fourm likes. Sounds like this guys in the running to replace MatthewV
  5. Never really talked to you but you seemed to be an ok guy! Happy retirement, never change!
  6. Hey @drex did you ever find out if blocking someones heli and vdming is considered vdm? its been on my mind for months now.
  7. Who woulda guessed Envy would turn out to not be the most toxic players in the community.
  8. Cant say i'm surprised. Every gang claimed they cheated after their first fight with them.
  9. For once I actually agree with Clint, cartels are pathetic now.. people don't fight the caps on the map, they do friendly rebels, no chops, ddosing is a problem now, each player is appointed their own ifrit, every spot on cap is covered by a vehicle, people will use any cheat they can find to win and lastly the gang defending has more people outside the cap roaching then they have inside. Back when cartels where fun was when one gang defended, one gang attacked, we fought the cap on the map, we generally had a slight hate for each other so we didn't do any of this friendly shit and the cartel wasn't stormed by 10 people in 10 ifrits. People also didn't care about winning or losing like they were playing in a major final for millions of dollars.
  10. The one active developer we have probably has very little power and shrugs off any suggestion put forward and the other developer.. well I guess this can do the talking for me.
  11. Olympus has ddosers too they just got provided a better server to play on than asylum did. In fact the people that ddosed the asylum gangwars were olympus gangs.
  12. You put more effort into this meme than the gangwars.. and look at that! they both sucked.
  13. After many not so legit compensation reports the robbers they call Envy have been caught.
  14. If you think tigers is debatable then you just confirmed to me how really out of reality you are.. I already knew this but its nice that you confirmed it for me.
  15. Don't question the opinion of father bikstok... he knows no wrong, never lost a fight in his life, he was forced to quit the server to make it fair for everyone else. Legend says his last spoken words on the servers were...