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  1. 100k for the one in in the middle
  2. 100k
  3. The real golden rule is, If someone is rdming, just leave, no point in getting him, he will log, and might killed you later when he gets back on. also don't go around shoting at people if you don't need to
  4. Paratus not a dev anymore
  5. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. Why you spending money to get high, when you can help your friend?
  7. Hands up or die should only be used, for someone who is driving, people just message you hands up or die if they have your bounty, so if they see you, then can rdm you
  8. No point in fighting if restart soon, so last 25 minutes, people dont go around taking cartels,
  9. Why does the box NEED to become empty at restart? Why cant it stay with the money it has, I would be taking a cartel with 100k dirty money, but then restart happens and no more money
  10. Maybe If you dident go around robbing people in kavala, you would not have a bounty in the first place
  11. Why would you need a Mohawk?
  12. What if Gang A has a group, but one person is not in the group, and then gang B attacks him, can gang a (in a group) help his freind (in the gang but not in group)
  13. What happend to the season achevement I lost the acheivement and now I cant get desert cammo
  14. +1 to being able to get downed people out of cars, (if they your bounty) -1 to evrything else