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    Waiting for Squeaker patrol 4.0
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    im 17. k? dont be mean

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  1. peek time is around 6-12 PM before that and your not going to have alot of players on
  2. Nicolas March

    V2 feedback

    With these new scotch barrel, does that mean ALL scotch is aged at once or only 20-60 like before?
  3. Replace DP with me, DS with farmers ville and change the town to kavala, and I can relate
  4. if you get caught by a bounty hunter, clearly your doing something wrong... you have 7.62 that can 1-2 shot most people, a bh would take 3-4 shots. you can also shot trough walls and armored cars, they cant. Also if you get caught why dont you have a freind camp courthouse?, and if you are blindfold, if it takes more then 4 minutes, or if they take a heli, its because they are going to skiptracer, if its the same guy that does it, its because he has a house, find it then blow it up with a 50 cal, learn his name and how he acts, that will help you find what place he is going to arrest you at
  5. No its only broken for bouty hunter that already have you, other bounty hunters cant get it, and cops cant see it, even the bouty hunters that have you cant see what you are charged for, only that you take up one of their slots
  6. You just got rekt Do the crime to the time
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