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    Waiting for Squeaker patrol 4.0
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    im 17. k? dont be mean

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  1. What's your in-game name? snuynuF fO gaBHow many hours do you have on Arma? 5000 What's your age? 32 How much money do you have? tooo much to count XD What will you bring to Farmersville? my skillsDo you know anyone in Farmersville? I know all of them
  2. Lets hope that next time its in kavala
  3. Dont think he will be responding to this anytime soon
  4. Still waiting for skiptracer medic!
  5. should have put this video at the end because of what the cop sayed
  6. I still cant buy the new hunter skin? Is it only for cops?
  7. If they remove locks from houses I see no problem. I just don't want a guy spawning in his house while I'm capping the flag with me not able to kill him when he spawns
  8. still waiting for those smoke grenades at skiptracer!
  9. Why post it on the fourms though? that was the question.
  10. This is not olympus sir, this is asylum. Also this is also not something new... old skiptracer was here
  11. What is this screenshot supose to be?
  12. it no longer says what they are wanted for Also still cant buy the new hunter skin
  13. Can we make it so the "resilient" talent lets you decide if you want to spawn at hospital, I dont like spawning there after I kill myself
  14. selling 2 3 crators in dp11 on s2
  15. Idk if the fixing of vehicle texues meant they fix the hunter skin. but right now you cannot get the special new hunter skin for the 2k19 acheivement
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