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  1. Can we remove the market for cars and helis? since right now we cant even sell them...
  2. They should move the hunter from normal bh to master crusadere or apex predator, or maybe give a strider for apex/master
  3. I see no problem with downing rounds. If you get restrained and left in the middle of nowhere just log off, I don't think any admin will ban you if you logged off after being left in a random house just because you didn't wait 10 minutes. The whole point of having to wait 1 minute to get out of the down stage is so you can get restrained. Imagine downing someone, and then when you go to restrained him he get up and shoots you. Would not be fun. And if you say it's loo long, when you die you lose alot more time then the 1 minute you were downed for, so I see no problem.
  4. S2, Both are 3 crate, in dp11
  5. ETA on medical at skiptracer?
  6. IDX 5 is medic level... Whitelisted medic. Confirmed???
  7. people were abusing the crafting system so you cant sell them anymore. Its super anoying since right now since all helis are in HIGH demand
  8. http://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/support/
  9. Its not the first time this has happened to anyone
  10. Big diffrence for asking a airshop AT A AIRFIELD and asking for one at prison... One is meant to be one other should not be added. I just want a way to get from sofia to therisa or from south rebel to north wong fast. Would give a use to the Ceasar
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