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  1. can someone kill you if they say alluah akbar with a suicide vest or is that rdm
  2. I don't see "other"
  3. If someone has a suicide vest, can I shot him If not, if he goes to me and says alluah Akbar and acts like he gona blow me up, can I shoot him
  4. you can have marksman and bounty hunting, just not master bh and marksman
  5. Is that hotkey only for cops?
  6. Server: 2 House House size 70k (2 crates) Location (Town/DP#): Dp11 good for scotch Asking Price: 100k+ Description: A good house for crafting, doing heroin, and scotch Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  7. only reason you won is because they are trash
  8. Like I mean we both arrest them at the shame time, we both get the money
  9. what if we dupe the money by accident
  10. Suicide vest? only bombs I saw was you closing the gates on cars
  11. its not a update, but if you jump onto the front of the van, you can get over the walls
  12. Its none of these reasons, its because when taxes at 20% you make mad money, and sometimes the atm is too far.