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  1. Can I get a enddddddd meeeeeeeeee plzzzzzzz
  2. I have 500k worth of mks and shit, but since s2 only comes on when s1 is full, it takes 1 hour to get 10 mks from s2 to s1, since it takes like 5 mins to get on
  3. Week 1, Become Governor Week 2, Cant apply for governor Week 3, Become Governor OR Week 1, apply for governor but fail at winning Week 2, Can apply again Week 3, Apply and win Week 4, Cant apply
  4. +1
  5. In my house restrained, thank me later
  6. AT 24:40 you can see fsa stream sniping, nothign new here boys
  7. in b4 lock
  8. Me waiting for hotfix that puts bh gear on sale be like
  9. you cant pull out players from a mohawk
  10. When your duping friends get banned so you need to get a katiba
  11. if im gona log, im not gona wait to get near courthouse... im gona log right now, so that I can comme back and kill the bh, happens to me alot
  12. what your 100k requim member logged on you? here is 6k, have a nice day.
  13. Heartbreak is when they say 10% off guns with the communaty goals, still no discount at skiptracer #RebelAdmin
  14. +1 he puts no taxs