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  1. Civ: gives 5 minute story why he wants the cop gear gear Cop: Wont talk or give anything until this blindfold is off Civ remove blindfolds Cop on cop radio : IM OVER HERE BOYS COME GET ME Cop in direct chat: okay unrestrain me and I will drop it Civ unrestrains cop Cop starts shotting like a mad man and gets downed/killed More cops come and civ gets sent to jail Why we need that cop cant talk while restrained
  2. Then he should just give the file to someone else, im certain someone will decide to do something with it
  3. my suggestion 1) make it so if you lost the war you would still get money, and winning shouldent get you more money, since why would you switch teams when it was unbalance if you would lose all your money 2) you could get AA gun, maybe make it super expensive like 10k and maybe need the special class so it doesnt get abused with the thermil vision
  4. I have never seen a server where admin's was on to stop rdm, but that might be because they dont stay in kavala
  5. Here is a tip, do you keep getting kidnnaped? this is what you do, you hire a group of poor kavala rats, and then you kidnnape the guys that are kidnnaping you, then if they have gear bring them to your house that is around 2-3 km from town, then make sure to be waching chat because they might dc, then after 10 minutes they are forced to switch servers to exit your locked house and then walk all the way back to town or get a freind to help, but if you kidnnape all of them, one of them has to die and it takaes them around 15-20 minutes, then keep doing this until you declare a truce and then everyone is happy, that is what happend to me and farmers ville, @Farmer Steve Loves Bada can confirm this
  6. He WAS the owner of the server you dont get any attachment or ammo of the pistol, please consider this because I like robbing silancers from cops
  7. best way to make money is by camping therisa with a house filled with po7
  8. should add car-98 (the 6.8 gun) but with the big magasine
  9. These are the guns I think should be added: They should add the CAR apex gun with the 100 round magasine They could add a lethel mx at rebel (Green?) They could add the type 116 (no 50 cal ammo) Maybe the apex CMR (6.5 marksmen riffle) this one might have a integrated suppressor thouth
  10. where is bounty hunting as a source of money
  11. happens to me sometimes, what I do is I get a po7 and start shotting at random people in kavala squaure, and if they shot back or kill me, I say comp or ban
  12. if they put a hotfix, its because the next real patch could be in weeks and wanted it to fix that fast instead of waiting a month with a that stuff broken so you better start waiting
  13. I have 150k honour and master crusader beat that
  14. Make it so Apex predator and Master crusader Get acces to MX Predator and Master gets MXC Other option: Add a Honour Shop (This could be how you buy a mx, mxc, or mxm)
  15. I find it fun being a bounty hunter, and being chased by 10 pistol bangers in kavala