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  1. if @Rodrigo can have eyes with built in range finders i think its only fair
  2. It was said sony were bringing all titles to PC, anyone know when Horizon Zero Dawns will be released?
  3. I have told a lot of people on this forum to end their life. But yourself?, I believe everyone here agree's you should end your pathetic sad existence. The fact you not only condone a 4 year old child being slaughtered where he stood, for simply having a day out with his father and going to celebrate their god, shows me and everyone else, that you are in fact a worthless attention seeking idiot who deserves no respect. I am in no way a liberal, far from it, but for you to justify the death of a defenceless child with "but someone who claimed to be muslim killed people in the name of their god!!!". Have you ever heard of the crusades? When Christians would gather around Europe and plan an attack on the Muslims who controlled Jerusalem? You, deserve no respect, no attention, no thought. I hope you practice what you preach in real life too, because I guarantee you don't have the slightest nerve to even come out with anything you have said to anyone in real life. Disgusting.
  4. welcome to the real world, be like scotland, don't have weapons for everyone. 1 school shooting was too much for us. RIP.
  5. @Nomadox noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  6. im not going to waste my time reporting a degenerate like yourself, if you genuinely think you are right, you have proven you suffer from autism.
  7. you're putting your gun through a wall to kill someone, its bannable, fucking retard.
  8. doesn't change that it's an exploit and is bannable?..
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