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  1. Something along the lines of this. Something has to change tbf, the system we have now is : Oh you have been here for 2 years and you are friends with higherups, time for you to climb the ranks of the APD sir. And it has always been like this, a change is good and healthy for the APD. I managed to get it without being an LT. And that tilted people to the moon and back. Rebel Rodrigo never been higher than SGT got 2nd LT, all the salty cops ooooooof. First thing that happend when I stepped down was my 2nd LT getting removed.
  2. Haha was a good one m8, that's for sure.
  3. When will we ever see a change? As this has been the same forever. Could be good with a change if you ask me. Anyone have ideas? Jay for 2nd LT btw
  4. Lumber Mills, Weed Dispensary, Turtles ( as they are not really working, hotfix perhaps? ), Taxi request, Handyman and inspirational talents, Tax System (rework), Hunting grounds?, Lottery rework, some to begin with. Might edit it some stuff @Jesse That will ruin the whole point of arms. Tax everyone besides people inside the gang owning it.
  5. Can't tell if you are serious or not. Please dont be serious.
  6. Haha there's one way to make sure im not playing anymore atleast
  7. There is no way 7.62 is getting removed from rebels, been brought up to many times at this point. If anything about the 7.62's the LT+ should get rid of them, as they were truly added back in the day to deal with big super gangs. As of right now our servers don't have any of those. And tbf the cops were doing better back then without the 7.62
  8. Huge let down Hopefully The Witcher series will be better
  9. I know you are playing civ, so not towards ya. But it really does right?
  10. I had a dream earlier, and in that dream career cops played civ from time to time. Just woke up and read this thread again, and realised that is not the case.
  11. There should be a change on medic cops for sure. Instead of it being 75 % faster bloodbag change it to 50 % for example. Don't need to be a major change. But the no cooldown defib has to go. If people don't understand why they are clueless simple as that. The civ medic talents is pretty much where they should be at this point. Not op or bad. They are pretty much the best we could hope for as a civ tbh. Don't pretend the civs have not been nerfed over the years.
  12. Most likely not, but we are allowed to dream pal.
  13. You have some valid points here. But tbh with you it's not as bad as you make it sound. I totally agree with the jail time, which is waaay to high. Should be lowered quite a bit as 45 minutes in jail for a 40k bounty is pretty dumb. The medic slot for cops should be nerfed for sure. It should still be an option for a Corporal + to play as a medic, but not the way it is now. The 7.62 for LT's was a thing added to " help " the cops back in the day when there was big gangs with 20+ people online. So im all down for LT's going back to the MXM's. As there is really no need for an LT to have it anymore. The Captains could keep their 7.62's, as they are on top of the board anyway. And with the Captains giving out 7.62s I barely see it tbf with you, even if they did from time to time it would not be that big of a deal. Unless it was something being done all the time.
  14. Damn dude sucks. Thanks alot anyway.
  15. Ohh my. That shotgun is gonna be so dumb dude, can't wait for the desync kills with that thing. The Mk-14 is the most interesting gun for sure.
  17. The season is so rushed and bad. A big let down from the biggest tv show ever.
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