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  1. why does he sound like the zebra from madagascar
  2. geting warlord in kavala not something to say loud
  3. i remember this guy was so cool to play with and against.
  4. you are now a senior leaf of ninja get ready to S+ missions
  5. did i say that denmark wil win
  6. England aint gonna win shit keep on dreaming
  7. the fuck why does he say where is aslan
  8. thats pretty rude kazeeem
  9. you did a good job dont mind the retards
  10. Havent seen you for a long ass time i miss ur events mayn
  11. shits fun asf
  12. this is a thing on olympus its funny asf
  13. Deazy Johnson is a nice admin but i have to go with Reapered cus he does events and makes the server funny to play on