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  1. tbh yall should be homeschool man that shit is crazy
  2. fucking like hunter dood
  3. Woaw dad that was awesome
  4. i dont know if ur trying to talk shit my guy
  5. oh no i didn't know ur back could hurt for getting carried by me in any game we play. <3
  6. they are lucky i didn't record the 1v6 at drug cartel my shadow play didn't work
  7. i got them from you
  8. we miss the old bank and prison.
  9. Bunni u got your self a new fanboy called UC use him as a sex slave
  10. what was the reason to remove the bank and place it to pyrgos tho?
  11. we did not ask about the old location people asked for the old prison
  12. you guys make Community goals but don't give a damn fuck about what we have to say we asked for the old prison the whole community wanted the prison back you didn't add it then u place the bank the most retarded place ever.