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  1. Starting offer for the donor rebel shed ?
  2. killer11

    WTB kavala houses

    forgot to add the part i need s1 house sory , added it to the post
  3. killer11

    WTB kavala houses

    what server ?
  4. killer11

    S3 Kaval Court House

    is it still up for sale ? and do you have a good screen shoot of it in game
  5. killer11

    WTB kavala houses

    looking to buy a 220k kavala house in the center , offcer any price . SERVER 1 ONLY
  6. killer11

    Asulym question

    Not everyone can come up with a good story ... so you should lower their ticket based on the time they spent trying ... giving someone a full ticket over a 10min story cuz its was bad and cuz "they dont want to use their brain" , its still being a robocop .
  7. killer11

    Apd Pilots....

    Classic morgan
  8. Wait till he get a loadout and sell him to farmervill ... ez money
  9. killer11

    Montage #1 - PUBG

    better then your arma motage
  10. killer11

    Evidence Lockup

    No ?
  11. killer11

    Evidence Lockup

  12. killer11

    How to properly make a checkpoint

    sandwich asked for it so we made his dream come true
  13. killer11

    Police HQ Suicide Bombing

    operation saving private killer man i had no idea u were right below me , was alot of fun that day and dont forget frank ross the kidnapped cop that made it so funny .
  14. killer11

    Your best car flip

    silver remind me never to get in a car with you pls