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  1. I liked the part when he blocked side chat cuz someone started saying racist shit lol
  2. nice shots
  3. I am playing for 3 years and I got 5.2k so yea thats close tbh
  4. oh lol this guy @Steve got 7k xdxdxd
  5. I mean its pretty fast and maybe one of the best ones I have ever seen tbh Last time I tried to practice my aim its was terrible lol
  6. damn valk that's pretty good nice one
  7. good luck connor <3 o7 ily tbh no one cares bye retard i was just messing around u r gonna be missed
  8. wow I really like the edit +1 nice montage wetard
  9. last clip was insane wtf i had no idea u can do it Ur nutty fudgbot
  10. the problem is when cops camping donor waiting for the losing team to respawn...