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  1. next time 21 ?
  2. @bamf @Gnashes give @Steve cm plzzzzzz
  3. just a sec hold on sec
  4. I mean there will be more fights but its aids
  5. ok i TrUsT u
  6. yes lol
  7. a rat? nah I don't think so and no I cant get DDoS for so long my ip is changing every 24 hours. Its something about my computer/router and I have no idea how to fix it
  8. Almost every night my ping is going from 100-120 to 850-1000 and I don't know what to do, I talked to my Internet host and they have to know Idea how to fix It also (meme) I know I am from Israel and It's not even close to na servers but Its also on Israeli servers, Its supposed to be around 50-70 but as I said Its 900. anyone maybe can help me ? btw I have packet lost but I am not getting ddosd
  9. he was melvin when clarity was a thing
  10. wow this update will bring back gang life hyped!!
  11. Hey look another post about the servers
  12. ur dad
  13. tbh i like ur laugh