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  1. Me and apache as a duo > envy
  2. o7 Don't grotty gang irl
  3. "they shot me with a knife"
  4. He missed a fortnite game with me for her , cya fudgbot who is gonna teach me play slant now fuck
  5. Estonia is too shit to be in the world cup
  6. Still laguhing haha
  7. Worst meme I have seen in the last 3 weeks
  8. U mean shekels?
  9. nice frags
  10. Ima eat ur ass real quick
  11. Because u went up the ladder and 5 guys didnt see u
  12. Holy fuck no one fucking cares what do u think this guy shit on u guys so hard stop spamming btw shadow u made laugh
  13. 3rd apps nice montage cutie
  14. i will join u send me ts