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  1. Noliver.

    Time to say goodbye

    Slant & tree rock forever
  2. Noliver.

    Time to say goodbye

    You will never know
  3. Noliver.

    Time to say goodbye

    So this time have came. I dont enjoy playing this game as I used to. I started playing like 2014-15 I think, then I rolled around with my Estonian squad @Andrew, @Maritza John, ghostkiller and some other Estonians. We used to fight for medic slots or fight in athira. I and rest of us stoped playing but andrew continued and most of us know how far and good he was. I came back in december 2016 and started playing Tanoa with maritza and some of his friends. from there I met @CheMiCaL OG @JoMilla and @Seth From there I started playing Altis where House gave me a chance in Infamous and later @Marzoh Stellar.. later @Reformed Katheeri got me into Temper @bunni where I learned alot. When Asylum fully died me and @Skroodd started a gang called Serenity on olympus and that was mad fun.. When Asylum came back same did I. @Connor McGregor gave me chance in Explicit and now its time to go for me. I have had alot of good times and fun on this server and I wish everyone good luck and hope the server get better and better... Some of my good fellow roleplayers @The Ivan Very good friend of mine @Skroodd The biggest jew ever @Crunchedd Biggest mong ever @Subaru The guy who blacklisted me and bullied me @InnateOcean Stupid ocean boy @Andrew got me into cartels and helped me to get into gangs @bunni I will always remember how u killed me and told everyone if someone trys to rev me he will get shot aswell, u made me the toxic retard who I am @Steve & @thero both of them defended me from the temper bullys @Reformed Katheeri Always helped me when I needed something @Ludde Thees good invictus times xd @GO7NEY We had some good fun on exile @Defragments Shaslik boy @william Pineapple head @CwilliamY Our fight was the best part of 2018 @Connor McGregor Dumb ireland cunt @Huskers Big man @Space Back to flying planes @UC. T-block forever! Old good time kidnapping @Smee @vedalkennnnnn Remember how you always had a rook at everyfight @Vlad my cute tf2 player @Revenant ur a funny guy Cant tag everyone who I want to and the list will be soo soo long Im gonna fully quit when I sell all of my houses and money
  4. Noliver.

    WTS s2 houses

    3 crater - 150k Garage - 200k 3 crater house - 400k 1 crater - 100k
  5. Noliver.

    WTS s3 houses

  6. Noliver.

    WTS s3 houses

    Left one 1 crater - sold right one 2 crater 3 crater DP21 3 crater - sold meth lab 1 crater Looking for offers!
  7. Noliver.

    Change Log 8.3.1

    are you braindead? type 115 is very good gun, low recoil and fast fire rate.
  8. thats why we need down votes on forums
  9. Noliver.

    Selling S2 Therisa 120k

  10. Noliver.

    selling gear and vehicles

    how many rockets u got
  11. Noliver.

    Parker | Montage 11

    Yeah! I dont remember asking
  12. Noliver.

    Parker | Montage 11

    Every clip I hear skrood screaming... Nice tag
  13. Noliver.

    Asylum #4

    Yeah! I dont remember asking
  14. Noliver.

    Smee the scammer

    Is that the shed on s3?
  15. Noliver.

    Change Log 8.3.0

    Wat. Only reason I respond is to try to get some old ass virgin off an thread