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  1. are you legit austic or what? how can you be combaring IRL with arma?
  2. go try crash into a wall without that on and then try crashing into a wall with seatbelt on
  3. #RipNoliver
  4. They cant to that on there ether unless they are in pursuit or whatever its called... 20 second later when they are in warzone they get fucked by titans soo yeah
  5. How many acutally got rolled back?
  6. @The Ivan yeah look at ivan, have been waiting for sgt for years and still nothing! This promoting system is broken!
  7. suicide you black mexican
  8. Honestly just grow your self some tits and send pics of that and u will get whitelisted on everyserver you wanna play.
  9. yeah, fed and shit like that are for ppl who can shoot not like you xd
  10. No, im not from Finland but I think thats @RikuQ
  11. Papa steve, you dont even wanna start it, I will doorcamp ur base in exile
  12. legit I have to use translate because I cant understand you dumb ass
  13. you wanna start it all over again? how can you say I cant get kills if you cant even hold a gun? you are soo fucking bad at any game what you play you should sell your pc and go buy some food for ur dying family
  14. I dont care about your life anyway, ur useless.