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  1. dosent look like it mr
  2. Why dont you follow thees tips yourself?
  3. Why would you even clip this shit? Like killing hobos in donor?
  4. And this mongs wants to get sgt?
  5. Nice one... But I dont accept how you shoot me out of the qunlin 2 times in a row
  7. no point to cry, 90% of cop force cant even shoot straight. Go do a bank and maybe one cops slamms bank other 4 are playing sniper elite when they cant even hit a single shot...
  8. Someone wants to get promoted...
  9. xd
  10. 300k
  11. kys mong
  12. I love your editing, Honestly its a good montage
  13. 501k
  14. Do you even like think what kinda montage ur making or record every kill?
  15. Nobody wants to carry you