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  1. Spent some time reflecting on his music and short life, he made such a big impact on the lives of many people, and because of that he'll always be remembered. RIP X And yes, the clip is from Tanoa Life. . And to all you haters of X...and Tanoa Life.
  2. @Innateocean
  3. Add my name to that list, I miss my Glock and AKM (Before Tanoa DLC). Rolling in Sydney with a Glock in my 'Rari, that was a fun few months.
  4. Don't be salty because I pushed your shit in yesterday, everyday it's the same deal with you.
  5. Now just fix the server lag, server 1 was taking a shit a few hours ago. None of us were kicked but it got to the point where all the cops just logged off because we couldn't access the wanted list or even seize items off of a suspect. After a while I just said fuck it and left @Marzoh restrained in Athira HQ.
  6. The feels, I remember the days when my mom would be on my ass for staying up late on a school night.
  7. But I like being a sore looser.
  8. You ain't seen shit bois, hold my beer!
  9. I love the sweet sound of the insects as they buzz around me when I pick apples, the soothing sounds combined with the steady rumble of my quadbike's engine gives me life.
  10. Missed a golden opportunity to make all those kids the cheaters from Gay People. But rip the boi, Jwilly, i crie evry tiem.
  11. Feels Bohemia, man...
  12. Where's my "I didn't donate, I paid for my House Crates and Debit Card" title?
  13. Why are you still trying to explain yourself to these forum retards? Don't be so spineless, we all know what you were insinuating.
  14. Neck.