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  1. Which admin did you suck off to get this? --->
  2. @Sierra's thread was getting a little stale. sorry, not sorry I'm looking forward to the memes and autism.
  3. Jeep, what Jeep? I don't see a Jeep anywhere?
  4. Why would he start a debate with someone that sounds like they get all their news from Facebook?
  5. No, it isn't possible to take a gun from someone's corpse.
  6. But she does that already... :'(
  7. Too bad those days are long gone but I'm glad some good people are still sticking around.
  8. You chose the wrong community to open up to but with that said... Welcome, Emma, remember to stay out of Kavala.
  9. That isn't what I said at all. "It's Idubbbz apparel, it has nothing to do with being able to afford clothing" If you think I have a problem with the clothing because I "can't afford it" then you're denser than the Supreme-wearing retards themselves. Don't be afraid to quote me next time, faggot, I'll fuck your dad. Now feel free to reply with another run-on paragraph that gives me a headache when I try to make sense of what your fat fingers produced. N E C K !
  10. This is my new favorite thread, I love checking back every few hours just to see who else is thirsty for that sweet internet puss.
  11. Are you that ignorant or just too fucking stupid that you need some retard on the internet to help you along when you could have google'd this shit yourself. There is tons of shit on the internet if you need help that bad, I simply don't have the patience to teach you how the whole internet feels about Supreme.
  12. Seeing as I own a pair of Vans and wear them a few times a week I reflected over this situation, "Is there someone out there that's actually this dense?" Going by your logic, kids who wear clothing from a company that has collaborated with Supreme are subject to the same scrutiny as the Supreme-wearing fuckbois themselves. Vans and Supreme have collaborated, therefore, anyone who wears Vans are fuckbois. Nike, The North Face and Hanes have collaborated with Supreme, therefore, anyone who wears the clothing previously mentioned are to be grouped with the Supreme fuckbois.
  13. That was the joke, a play on words. I was worried this would happen. :((((
  14. This is Asylum, I'm used to slurs being thrown my way.
  15. To put it simply, you'll be able to pick up on a wider range of sounds that you otherwise wouldn't be able to with a closed-back design. The various instruments will be more clear and distinguishable when compared to the muddied mess that bass-y headphones provide.