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  1. *You're
  2. Is there any chance we could get market price for our houses instead of selling it to the bank for less?
  3. More like... Paratus: *crickets* Gnashes: Nah, fam, I'm good. Bamf: *COMMUNITY GOALS INTENSIFIES!!!!*
  4. Who is this cute little e-girl and how tight is h- *Looks at pastebin* ...nevermind.
  5. Bye, Revenant. It was nice knowing you. o7
  6. I keep mine on 1600, I max it out when I need to DPI glitch some retard though.
  7. You spent all night editing this, didn't you?
  8. Literally what I was thinking when I saw I was 2 hours away from 4,000. I don't regret it though. I've met some really autistic kids during my stay here, some of these retards even became my best friends. Creating the best gang on Asylum and trolling the fuck out of everyone, every minute of it was worth it in the end. #cringe
  9. c. 2015 c. 2015 August 10, 2015 10 mins ago... Here's to another couple thousand before the server dies or I do.
  10. Didn't know what Little Busters was until now but DDLC deserves all the praise it gets and more.
  11. This is why I love collecting teamspeak addresses and witnessing firsthand the autism that transpires in each of them. They all have one thing in common, a group of circle-jerking friends that beg each other to like their forum posts.
  12. Just Monika
  13. Are you going to make some CL bag skins? I could use one with a Troll face on it.
  14. ITT A bunch of butthurt P2 career cops.
  15. No, not that quote, not that one! I just woke up and can't type for shit.