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  1. More like 30 per mag, I have houses full of them.
  2. I loaded up on them as well, I never use them as I prefer to see my bounties hang. If anyone would like 100 or so just pm me and I'll deliver them to you for dirt cheap.
  3. From when only 3rd was available.
  4. As always, tracks are below for those interested.
  5. The first module, The Town Square module, is coming next year. I got a notification via email a couple days ago.
  6. A classic for the ages
  7. I'll have you know that I just returned from my niece's birthday party, I wasn't invited but still.
  8. You might want to get your head checked for these are great movies. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is funny as fuck, Jason Segel made that movie great. Trainspotting has more depth than your insulting description of the film, not sure if you didn't pay attention or you're too thick to follow the plot-line. Happy Gilmore; you have the Longest Yard on your list and this on your "not recommended". I'm done, just fucking done!
  9. Nice plays! No idea why you would put in the two kills at 3:16 though, that was horrendous.
  10. Then he's got my vote!
  11. If peeps from server 3 can attest that you're the governor you say you are, I'll jump on and vote right now.
  12. I need the extra cash to help combat these taxes on S1 I mean, look at 'em! They're criminal!