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  1. 1st grade, a SPED class full of other retards because of my speech impediment.
  2. It's the same deal with Wong's food court, No one cares, I'm a dirty full-blooded Navajo and I don't give two shits. I'm willing to bet the next food stall will be called "DeShawn's Watermelon Stand".
  3. 2018 users: Hey guys, here's a throwback video from my time this passed year. 2014/2015 nibbuhs: *2014/2015 noises*
  4. Whoa, did all posts in August except for one go poof for anyone else?
  5. You know someone's bored as fuck when they complain about a video being posted in the wrong section. You all need to go outside.
  6. +1 support

  7. When people dis my favorite froot.
  8. Brendon on his way to play with his new toys.
  9. I guess I better watch the indirect racism from now on. But I'm going to wager this is mostly to do with the harassment a lot of the females of the community have had to put up with recently. Many have fallen lately and it doesn't seem like they'll come back for a while since they're currently being made an example of and from what I've heard it takes very little to be made an example of. We are hunters, for we are men. #ripwhalehunters #ripturtlehunters
  10. That's fine and all but like Lorax said, he already has a stand-alone mic. There's no need to fork out extra cash for a gaming headset when can he focus solely on the headphone quality.
  11. I currently run the 6XX's paired with a Blue Yeti and I have no regrets. Although you have to jump through a few hoops to get your hands on a pair of 6XX's they're definitely worth it. I will say that you will need to pair them with a decent amp to achieve the perfect audio experience. One caveat is that the 6XX's are only available in the open-back design so you'll be able to hear everything in your background and everyone around you will be able to hear what you're listening to.
  12. I've had tons of gaming headsets from different brands throughout the years and they've all come up short; subpar audio quality and TERRIBLE mics. Nothing beats the studio headset and standalone mic combo.
  13. Sound quality is horseshit when compared to anything from Sennheiser. There's also no point in him getting a gaming headset when he already has a stand-alone mic. Also, wireless... bleeeh.
  14. I had the open-back version of this headset and the sound quality was excellent, the closed-back version will better for gaming especially if you have a loud keyboard.
  15. When Alec drops them spicy memes