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  1. cool
  2. alex is a fucking n-
  3. i was praying at one of the shrines near the top of the northern forests when i heard shuffling within the brush nearby, prying my sight away from the shrine of prayer i soon inspected two men in csats and mx's. i took out my po-7 and loaded in my lethal rounds. i engaged in group r&r with these men until the po-7 was empty and they were motionless from their enjoyment.
  4. you'll probably be back soon enough when they start unbanning people to try and get server activity back.
  5. apd is shit, if you don't like how they treat you; you can always go to another server where the cops are actually not dickheads and 12 y/o's.
  6. you'll know the quality of fights when you look at the quality of posts on the forums.
  7. farewell
  8. work on the editing.
  9. not worth it
  10. the likelihood of an unban wave is smaller than me shoving my penis into a blender.
  11. no proper response.
  12. the game is dying because the player experience is un-enjoyable due to the lack of content for those that have been here for countless hours, as well as the newcomers that have to deal with un-optimized trash, constant scroll wheel lag, desync, alongside poor frame rates and shitty methods of money making.
  13. the community has done far more than enough to appease other players, as i've seen in the past with many of the gangs in s1-4. they all offer to spend their own money on their loadouts, offer to teach them what's new and what's different from other playstyles. and in the end they have their toxic banter which is somehow enjoyable for them. the community can do nothing for the server when it's already done everything for it, they've removed the people that have done plenty for it and there's already a diminishing return on those that are still in this community still giving.
  14. why is it in our hands, it's not our server we don't run it. once this shit dies we can go to another arma server and clock hours into that. it's the same fucking experience and i shouldn't be suaded into assisting some development team by giving them cash to make their own shit successful.
  15. cool