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  1. Amen to that
  2. I now know how much a standard US gallon weighs. Thank you
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA ................ ................ ................ no
  4. huh i just noticed too. He did tell Bada to ban him though lol
  5. Not going lie. Epic shootin' tex. I miss the old days of the real Bad Blood and Synergy always fighting cops and doing practically constant prisons and banks Also, GIVE US THE OLD PRISON BACK.
  6. Where'd you disappear to this time
  7. never said i didn't believe you. I was just pointing something out
  8. Ever notice that a lot of these clips you can't hear what he personally is saying? Probably deserved it knowing Tom
  9. And learned some cool new facts @Buck
  10. @Buck Should give me the $30 for the free advertising. Considering the game was only $60. Someone was stupid lol
  11. Or he'll let his dogs out to use the bathroom. But hey....Madden '19. I hear it's good
  12. My first Hot topic at Bucks expense! Thanks bud! But you're still not getting Madden '19
  13. Raza has donated $0.01 for Bucks GoFundMe. You're one cent closer bud....