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  1. +1 to the evil medic idea. Although, it might end up being more trolly than intended whitelisted or not.
  2. make it lucrative, make sense and have a decent reward. Possibly LEGAL when its raw, illegal when it's processed due to the how "lethal" it is. I mean raw uranium ore isn't all that radioactive but refining it brings out the radioactive properties more
  3. That bunker location looked like the bunker near Pyrgos. Make the northwest side of Altis relevant again since there hasn't been a cartel there in ages. We don't need another place so close to a major city.
  4. Rook to the toes = a literal slow death
  5. I usually never agree with ron but +1
  6. That's a yikes. Weren't you the founder or some shit?
  7. First twenty seconds are hilarious lol
  8. Go at it m8. Your stuff is better than 98% of what I've seen so props
  9. I do like the track suit and orca. I feel like the hatchback has too much going on and makes my eyes tweak out lol. Great job though
  10. Don't stand right next to the church in rodo? Also, stop sucking. Therefore, -1
  11. Kinda defeats the purpose of having to RP if the courthouse hands it to you. If you dont want to rp then dont play on Asylum or accept the 100% cost at courthouse
  12. Forces you to RP in someway and offer the opportunity to lower the ticket even more
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