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  1. That was quite a fun chase I have to admit. Definite high speed at the whopping 10kph
  2. Good times doing your ride-along. My game crashed what? 4-5 times? But we DID IT lol
  3. You kinda are holding the donations for ransom in the way you worded everything... Not the way to go about getting what you and others want personally.
  4. no no no no no no no no no bad
  5. lmao. Gold
  6. Rather than reskins, they should add something that can actually help make the community better than anything cosmetic. I have no ideas but I'm just another one of the needy ones lol
  7. But I have noticed there are many more Tycoon pistol bangers that haven't done shit yet pistol bang all day and night on s1
  8. It's been said before
  9. Never said I was very good lol. And if I recall correctly, you died first. lol
  10. I suppose seeing a solid red bar means you're initiated lol
  11. If you can't make out what you're shooting at, there isn't any gameplay to be had
  12. Dem graphics doh......
  13. We'll see how long that undercover thing will last lol
  14. More use for sharking and SDV use if you think about it