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  1. Raza

    Change Log 8.3.1

    P90s for UC cops. OH OH OH!!!! Lowkey .50 DOWNING ammo for the Type 115 under-barrel. RIP Orcas
  2. Raza

    kavala days

    Also fail initiates on cops using 911 then proceeds to RDM officers. #DumbassoIsReal
  3. Raza

    Cops Not Allowed in Therisa

    Exactly what Boris said, there shouldn't be a 'safe haven' for rebels. If you want that so badly then I'll say no bounty hunters in Kavala, EVER. Neither of which will ever happen. Plpus what Dull said.... they even added MORE REBELS to go to. OH OH OH! Here's an idea, buy a house, stock said house, never have to go to rebel again. **End of your complaint**
  4. Raza

    VDM yes or no?

    Kinda looked like the car turned sideways yet kept going the same direction... but that might just be my eyes buggin
  5. Raza


    Would buy whatever donor level they would be on. Then I can say "YOU JUST GOT SHIT ON BY TRUMP"
  6. Raza

    Some content ideas

    @ColtonB205Personally, van is a reskin of the existing vans in Asylum. And helmets would add more variety but look ghetto imho. What level of armor (if any) are the fatigues and helmet? #IWantMyP90
  7. Raza

    Change Log 8.3.0

    My ass... hitting a bush at 30km/hr in a Hatch sport STILL kills you. Oh and the gas mileage for those things are worst than a M1A1 Abrams tank...
  8. Raza

    Cartel Paratrooping

    Screaming "PEW PEW" in direct in kavala doesn't count as shooting anyone. Sorry, try again.
  9. Raza

    Cartel Paratrooping

    Don't worry..He'll combat log after HE initiates on us
  10. Raza

    Cartel Paratrooping

    Don't worry, Jilla is awful and CL's every time you initiate
  11. Raza

    Oil cartel 50 cal

  12. That's original. Where'd you come up with that one kid?
  13. Oh go perm yourself again and have no one miss you kiddo
  14. Raza

    Math Problem : Geometry

    +1 to this answer