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  1. I was in jail and still managed to kill 3 people lol
  2. Shit state of New York lol
  3. Also, I'm a teacher and I can tell you that school is NOT out yet in my neck of the woods 2 weeks! WOO!!!
  4. preaching to the choir. Spent so many hours to only finish ONE of the 5 campaigns...
  5. Yikes. I feel like this fits the flow of the thread
  6. I was there for that.. Confused a lot of people lol
  7. Agreed. It was good up to that point..
  8. Cool, all of 3 people.
  9. Jon. Again. I think being eaten by a dragon would do the trick
  10. invisible seatbelts. Then we won't die to that bullshit wire and dead shrubs everyone two meters. None of the "buffed vehicles so theyre stronger, and oh btw you still die instantly."
  11. Cop lethal mags are downing. At least I've noticed that with the Type 115
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