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  1. Bye

    The moment he finds out he's inbred.
  2. Early state implies being at least PLAYABLE. Yes, FO in terrible in its own right but Identity has a presently microscopic "map" that has nothing to do. And that's IF you don't crash loading in or after you move 2 feet. Also, you have to look at the developers of each game. FO- Made by a AAA production company while Identity was made by a handful (now like 2) people that changed a mission file to a game that was already complete. Identity devs definitely didn't look into how much effort and time went into developing a game by biting off a piece of the worlds biggest pizza and said "I'm full".
  3. You forgot me in that situation. "you cops? We sorry" over and over again lol @Morgan Lacerda
  4. @ron the player Literally the only civvy I wouldnt shoot on site if he was red because he MAY or MAY NOT be helping.. I never knew until the vest went off
  5. Which is what every person says. Very nice
  6. If you mean some of those who have gotten permed in hilariously glorious ways, then yes, this list fits the thread perfectly.
  7. Hi!

    Hola, este es un servidor español
  8. Rage in private. Keyboards are a dime a dozen. League accounts take more time to replace. but props tho.... 0.006% is hard to beat lol
  9. But see, these are NEWLY minted moronic dumb-asses. While all along, you've been in the category of "Everyone already knows I'm a dumbass"
  10. you spelled "memorys" wrong in the video
  11. exactly
  12. Sins is a damn good game. Nothing better than blasting ships apart with lazors
  13. Re-whitelist those that were blacklisted. That would be an entertaining way to go out to be honest
  14. 17 admins and 1 developer. Maybe there will be some hero admin that dedicates his life to free programming?
  15. Battlefield 5 because how often do you get to blast someone in the face with a Sherman?