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  1. Thank you. I didnt want to be toxic but fuck that mic
  2. I use the ATH M50x's for work. They are killer cans.Perfect for what I do, but tbh I never fully tried them on games I hate sennheiser
  3. It'll do fine! It's Like the "kia" compared to a Lexus. Both cars drive, one is just more reliable (behringer is known to be a cheaper brand that just doesn't last well). Edit. If you're a budding soundcloud rapper go for the focusrite. WAY cleaner in recording. If you are just streaming etc, the Behringer is perfect
  4. The thingy is called a USB Pre-Amp this is a decent quality lower cost one, I'd start here and look around!^57619015002-device^c-plaid^140858361861-sku^[email protected]^PLA
  5. Store it quick. no balls
  6. @Das Otter this
  7. My body is readyyyyyyy
  8. If that was me then I most likely was intoxicated. Don’t drink and drive folks
  9. @Tricks I started on a 650. Was perfect. If you get a small 250 you WILL outgrow it in a short period of time. personally i have an Sv650. It’s awesome for corners and commutes. Lookinto comfort when it comes to street bikes vs cruisers as well. If you want to enjoy longer then 30 minutes a ride, a streetbike may not be right
  10. Go-carts are op. Plz nerf
  11. Fuck my life
  12. My.God. Its about to get dumb-lit clacking up in this mutha fuckin biiiiiitch!!!!!
  13. Toxic
  14. I 100% miss spoke, emulating your MAC Only works for renewing a DCHP license on your modem. @Le Razoir and @massi are right, static means you have to call isp or use a vpn, I believe.
  15. I actually just looked that up. Im an idiot and You’re a retard