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  1. I voted for ya... sorry fam i tried
  2. Your name wasn’t on the list. I looked twice before I voted should a looked 3 times, I’m drunked
  3. That’s the eazy we all know and love
  4. horny now
  5. I have about 500 of these 1/4” > 1/8” adapters laying around my house. If any of you need one let me know, I can send you a few
  6. Can someone explain this chilli's meme to me? Im missing something.....
  7. Yas let’s drink @Goku!!!
  8. No lethals??? What year is this?! good clip
  9. Seriously? How fucking deaf must they be?
  10. Hot tits great patch notes. In other news arma 3 is done with content. Here’s to looking onward to arma 4!
  11. Let’s be honest. Does he really care about asylum or arma 3 in general anymore? Last I knew he was doing pretty damn good in rainbow pro league.
  12. I’ll be first mate
  13. I pledge my allegiance! Let us begin
  14. Eh check back tomorrow it’ll be 0.00005BTC fam
  15. This made me laugh.... I envy your humor