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  1. Maybe I work too much
  2. Ouch.. Prayers for a speedy recovery man
  3. Why'd you get out of it? Mechanical or financial?
  4. Calm down It was raining on the 100mile drive home!!! Yes it took a full tank to get home. I'm ashamed
  5. no comment from @FoBi3s yet... Automatic transmission confirmed
  6. That tank is shockingly small. Every other block you'll be looking for a gas station with those numbers! ha
  7. yeah.... That I rocked a bare 13 MPG on the drive home. Definitely an eye opener o.O
  8. thats a great year!
  9. I know right? its actually insane that i have this car... Never thought I'd actually get one 2014. so used, for sure. But Im the second owner so i dont feel too weird about it
  10. yeahhhhh. It’s mine now
  11. Appeal dat shit
  12. PM me your steam! I missed this but for future hangs, I'm always down
  13. I remember you man. First gang I ever was in. Miss ya dude
  14. No need to pay. Love is free