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  1. Why'd you get out of it? Mechanical or financial?
  2. Calm down It was raining on the 100mile drive home!!! Yes it took a full tank to get home. I'm ashamed
  3. no comment from @FoBi3s yet... Automatic transmission confirmed
  4. That tank is shockingly small. Every other block you'll be looking for a gas station with those numbers! ha
  5. yeah.... That I rocked a bare 13 MPG on the drive home. Definitely an eye opener o.O
  6. thats a great year!
  7. I know right? its actually insane that i have this car... Never thought I'd actually get one 2014. so used, for sure. But Im the second owner so i dont feel too weird about it
  8. yeahhhhh. It’s mine now
  9. Appeal dat shit
  10. PM me your steam! I missed this but for future hangs, I'm always down
  11. I remember you man. First gang I ever was in. Miss ya dude
  12. No need to pay. Love is free
  13. Birmingham, Motion conference! Not sure if any of ya mongols are here but if you are, pm me and I’ll come say hi!
  14. Miss you :/
  15. wait. bada's a COP?!!!!