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  1. Btw happy escaping your moms womb day @Midamaru
  2. Close. It's based on game developers. A2, A3, and dayz all have the same dev, hense cross game bans. R6 is a Ubisoft dev. No ban crossover BUT I'd be SHOCKED if you get a global ban and not get put on some sort of watchlist for other Battleye protected games
  3. Ouch. I'm sorry ... comp is unlikely, even for the hemmit
  4. Fire! Loved it
  5. Ahhhh ha love this
  6. Hi
  7. Funny meme quote didn't work. Carry on
  8. I'd ask you if they paid you in free booze but you're under 21 soooooooo..... free peanuts? in all seriousness though; Gij! it's a great career to get into!
  9. You're alive?! Hi <3
  10. @bamf @Gnashes Any further comment here my friends? i think these are good questions
  11. 2 questions to further this train of thought. Short and concise as to not derail the thread. 1. The server(s) and connection is stated to be really good. How about all the added firewalls and ddos protection? With all the attacks we hear about is this additional security a potential component to the "BE lag"? 2. How exactly are you are you deducing that the games engine is indeed a bottleneck vs server capability/connection? In tandem with that question, is it possible that the games net code is not designed To operate as the asylum mission file calls for? A lay-mans example being: a Ferrari is a REALLY fast car; but not in reverse. It's not the way the car is designed to be driven.
  12. A few things, with a cherry on top. 1. Don't lie. If you did do something stupid they're gonna know and you're gonna look like a complete ass-hat. 2. False positives do happen. VERY Rare but they do. You're gonna need proof; screenshots videos, anything. 3. If you've gotten this far and you still believe battleye should unban you; Build a VERY cohesive email, Short, concise and intelligent. Email it directly to Bastian. He'll be very direct, and if you cheated he will tell you that he caught you cheating. There won't be mercy, but if it was a false positive, he'll be helpful! PM'd
  13. I did! That shit was lit!