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  1. @Winchester Hello, @killer11 (If I got the right one.) Said you're potato at aim. Could you please make a montage of killing his ass for your next video? Thank you.
  2. I missed you. Where did you go in my life?
  3. I was in the fourth grade at the time. Stuck at home at the time, when I was recovering from an injury that required a shit ton of stitches. The main thing I could remember that day, was my mom and grandma screaming down the stairs when the second plane hit. Managed to drag my fucked up foot down the stairs to see what happening, and I purely thought it was an accident happening or some shit. Soon after, I asked if I could watch cartoons, and that was that.
  4. I'm an android sent by Cyberlife. I have a communications device implanted in my head.
  5. I got VR for The Forest. You doing that or no?
  6. Bro I bet you have shit ilvl scrub. GET GOOD
  7. RDM

    I missed you, John. Please never leave me again.
  8. RDM

    Is this why you chose to post this kind of topic in introductions? You getting shot in the leg an introduction to our toxic community of ours? If so, welcome my friend!
  9. Typical Killer. I expected nothing less from him.
  10. Warrior and Rouge combo. Kill everything.
  11. You're an admin? Hot damn.
  12. I dun goofed and updated.
  13. Clearly, you're an alliance carebear.
  14. For the Horde brothers.
  15. Yeah, I noticed that at the end of the video.