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  1. bye
  2. You know what would be better for ES6? CO-OP MY DUDE
  3. West Virginia my dude.
  4. I’m the final solution.
  5. Willing to rent your butt hole for the right price. xD
  6. What? Whooooooo? Whëreeeeeèéë
  7. You still play on the servers? Haven’t seen u babe
  8. Hey love. Pick you up to do a taco bell run.
  9. dicks
  10. Willing to offer 550k if interested.
  11. @DaewoN Are you still selling the scotch house by chance?
  12. Hi.

    no u
  13. I'll buy for 100k. And a pickle.
  14. My nostalgia.
  15. Too late.