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  1. @Alec-I will get you. I mean, he got me, and I barely play this shit anymore.
  2. Looks like you’re in sad boi hours. Poor you.
  3. I am getting spooked and scared montage.
  4. And a sub sandwich would be nice too.
  5. I just use streamlabs and edited my game capture to stream the gameplay. For me to see chat, I just simply have a window open in my oculus and read from there. Using the pin system.
  6. I know right? Really annoying. Anyone- With me- On this?
  7. KrazyKnight

    Au revoir

    The Krazy House.
  8. KrazyKnight

    Au revoir

    To my gaming house
  9. Gotta respect the sandwich lady my dudes
  10. Is this the Hudson river landing?
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