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  1. But can you do it again?
  2. noob
  3. ???

  4. Have you considered getting a new computer? <3 U
  5. BIRD UP
  6. Awesome, appreciate the fix!
  7. Hello, there are a couple of glitches on Server #5 at the moment. Currently it's impossible to rob the bank (even with the correct amount of cops on). When using the drill all you receive is 'this item cannot be used' Also, if you attempt to spawn at any house you'll end in the ocean at the bottom left corner of the map.
  8. Good patch. Is anyone aware of any issues with the Server #5 bank? My gang just attempted to do a bank however it wasn't starting or even telling us we needed more cops on.
  9. Good rant.
  10. Fun and engaging new mechanics. Great Update 10/10.
  11. Tom Brady sold his soul to the devil.
  12. You're so brave.