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  1. Happens . My pistol wasn't drawn when I got downed, so wasn't exactly ready.
  2. Came back after a year or so break. Trying some different ways of money making and it seems Kavala's citizens are about the same as they were when I left.
  3. fight music 10/10
  4. Most of these clips are just a single cqc or <300m kill with nothing special to them. Where's the spice
  5. Hold up... how did this comment slip by? Let me list a few perks of playing cop off of the top of my head 1. no tool kit (as mentioned) 2. basically free load outs 3. you make money through combat (and most of the time all you have to do is lethal someone) 4. your Y inventory doesn't drop on death 5. so forth You're right about how playing cop sucks though, because you have to deal with career cops who have almost zero game sense!
  6. That ending was adorable, and actually makes me rethink how I approach kids in games. EpTic copy trolls are getting smarter.. we must adapt
  7. Turn motion blur off
  8. That song fit really well with the clips. One of the few montages I watched all the way through
  9. Love the song +1
  10. lmao the potato cringe @1:03. How did he miss his whole mag point blank
  11. mahdizzle - 0 fatty - 1
  12. That laugh @ 0:14 is contagious haha sounds like he's having trouble breathing
  13. Why are you trying to prove yourself on the forums
  14. This was posted a few months back on the forums... why re-post it?
  15. lmao @ 0:44 that guy ain't got no time for your shit he has places to be.