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  1. I Partially Agree with some of these, but when It comes down to it Its there "NEW TOY" and they're gonna want to use it. At the end of the day there will eventually be a Balance, but I personally believe they should be Claimable. Part of me says the APD have cheaper things because they're supposed to make Less money that Civs, Although They also Need Balanced the only way to do so is by giving them something to use IE this post. Make the Vehicle Claimable and we will still B*^[email protected] and complain its just what ends up happening because at the end of the day someone isn't happy
  2. @Mitch (IFRIT)How many do you have Hidden? @Gen. Henry Arnold Do you need help?
  3. Hello my Fellow Players, I Like to see the Community chat together as a fun little thing I do so... How did you find Asylum? What do you Love about Asylum? and why do you still play?
  4. Welcome Back @YakitoIf you ever need some help starting out just HMU I can help you out
  5. Hello @Sparkywelcome back to the Community, hope you enjoy your stay! Also Make a support request here: Support request link
  6. Honestly I'd Recommend [email protected] said I've used a few of these tips and It really does show improvement. Depending on your PC as well although I would Recommend giving it a shot
  7. It was like 4 years ago, but I was on as an APD officer and someone said they had been terrified of heights and he wanted to get rid of this fear. In which I said jump out of a helicopter and pull a parachute. He proceeded to 1 hour later and Slammed Into the ground at Kav PD dying. 3 others watched it happen and a Medic said "I aint fixing that shit"
  8. This question is Simply easy, In the past we had 4 servers occasionally one would turn off for population reasons, but now we only have the one server. so its simple either cast a vote or don't. but don't Bi*ch or complain if you don't choose a vote we all have our own opinions...
  9. I think that the Code could be improved upon rather than Removed, Because War rating based on kills by a +1 and a -1 If you change the offset be capping zones and rather make kills be by 5 or 10 ratio then people would be okay with adding someone to war or even make a better incentive for wars instead of points that you use for free items
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