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  1. Should fix the ability to gather cocaine 150m away from the coke fields
  2. This video just makes me facepalm when I see johnny killing me. Convo after he shot. "Nice shot fucking johnny" "Thank burnin!"
  3. 4v1 on a chase in the middle of no where
  4. Arma3 Hours? Asylum Hours? Screen Shot. https://gyazo.com/83e9139015803701c4895270bb76cf42 Defiently more than 1k hours played alone on asylum. Age? 18 Timezone? PST (California) How active? Pretty active on asylum, usually play alot of cop but thats just because I dont have a crew to roll with on civ. Previous Gangs? ATD (early 2015) Previous Names? N/A Knowledge of all cartels and call outs? Yes I use to do cartels quite often. I would say one of my strong points in this game is being able to do call outs well and straight to the point while being descriptive. Sufficient Funds / Vehicles? im a cop of course Member whom will vouch for you? Weldy Wobbles said he was in this gang but quit awhile ago. He told me to check you guys out.
  5. I had this same exact issue when I first log in I was invisible and had horrible frames. Restarted steam and then launched again and was perfectly fine for me.
  6. -In game name: BurninSeagul -Age: 18 -Location/Time zone? California PST -Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot preferred): Picture of current hours attached -Previous gangs? NATO (S2 - 2014), ATD (S2 - 2015) -Are you financially stable (Vehicles and Helicopters)? Yes -Why are you interested in joining Method? I've been interested in joining a gang since I got back into asylum. I've seen method around asylum and from what I've seen so far from you guys is that you are enjoyable to RP with and very well orientated. I'm a fairly good player with a lot of tactical experience in the game. -Do you have any members that can vouch for you? .
  7. Your application has been ACCEPTED. I have sent a message with our teamspeak, please join and an officer will be with you shortly.
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