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  1. I say switch host they're done for
  2. ;( u got me hype for coke now and now I gotta wait
  3. So is v2 in like another month or what?
  4. Your making me want to cry just put v2 out
  5. You can barley push the oil cartel location if its a good gang capping it, you still can but its literally the most easiest defended area put it back by salt flats Cops literally have 0 reason to want to goto Bank, Fed, Prison other than they have to because they’re just wasting tons of gear/vehicles unless there is a Sgt. on that can help push and sometimes the higher ups even say your not required to go because all day its been Bank to Prison to Bank to Prison and then one person running and hiding in fed, I think they should add if someone has just been sitting somewhere in fed to long it gives away their location instead of being forced to play hide and seek with one unarmed civ or with a rook. Also add a new way to get money or change up the existing methods like its always still fun and unpredictable but its always the same thing over and over again make it like somewhat more dynamic I don’t know if thats possible but it would be cool to see. Like the chop shop wanting specific vehicles the drug dealer could want specific drugs or black market wanting specific weapons ya know.
  6. Identity V2 is what your saying
  7. Grizz you are a homie already cant lie
  8. If it takes longer than 7 days im just dissapointed boys cant lie
  9. Yo the Guy that yells "He got them Holy Shit" makes me laugh so hard. yo but thats dope stuff
  10. Fr Nice man I like the music and nice shots
  11. who cares you still got a nice montage
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