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  1. must be the bad water in Brussels tell him I can send a Brita across the pond
  2. In-game name - Toasted Age - 17 Timezone - Us EST Screenshot of Arma 3 hours - https://gyazo.com/0d786272d9b947caca94424036a92a3d Bank Balance - 600k or something Previous Gangs (if any) - was in imperium and mongols on tanoa a few others on altis APD Rank (if any) - none why i want to join - I used to play with you guys back when i was a kid was wondering if i would be welcome back i dont squeak anymore :)
  3. Selling a zafir with 450 rounds message me with offers
  4. Funny, I killed u with 7 health? lol, your whole gang is trash wouldn't talk.
  5. Bumppp @Gnashes this needs to happen.
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