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  1. Ken.


    lol dayum hahaha @Sandwich
  2. Is this what happens when i leave my stryder for the APD to use?
  3. your car was blocking us, we told you to move your vehicle and you did not so yes we then attempted to move it and it had no fuel in it so yes we impounded it
  4. Ken.

    Change log 8.0.5

    The next one will suck just as much
  5. Ken.

    Change log 8.0.5

    All the bank trainings we have gone through
  6. Yeah one extra server for overflow is nice
  7. Ok you guys got what you wanted, 2 completely packed servers. Now open one of them back up? I find it frustrating to have been sitting here the past 15 minutes slamming on my space bar trying to get into the server. If your going to keep it like this they add another 20 slots or something for vip, i dont care i just dont want to be waiting https://gyazo.com/b5ed2dafaa92ae91def3b6b3965a2c92
  8. Ken.

    Change log 8.0.4

    @bamf i do have to bring up though maybe you should look into how week armor has become i.e. Hunters and ass a dmg handler to them? they are incredibly week now
  9. Ken.

    Change log 8.0.4

    +1 guys this is what we want to see, lets keep it rolling please with updates and patches =]
  10. does it look like the server "dying" is slowing down my money hungry habbit? hehexd
  11. LMFAOOOOOOOOO me and @Maxime were flying jets around and noticed a bank was being done, so me being me decided to fly as close as i could without hitting anything, hahahaha i diddnt know that my blow by would blow the heli off the roof lmfao, ill comp ya either way
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