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  1. I mean when it’s repeatedly happening and I see you there, id think you’d take action while it’s happening instead of letting it happen then dealing w it later... sorry brother I don’t record anymore and I’m not petty enough to make a IA but that’s mainly on me so I’ll give you that, but as for the officers shoes part, if you feel the need to go lethal on a bunch of fresh spawns w rooks then uhhhh aye that’s you I guess, but walking up to an officer in game and bitching, fuck I’d expect anyone sgt+ to handle a situation instead of letting it happen, especially the Chief... I mean even after I told you that I still got lethaled
  2. I haven't really played much in months or even read the forums much lately but I read this and thought i'd leave something, I was a LT and I mainly played cop when i played asylum but i did have more civ/gang experience then some of the other higherups when I was LT so I guess im more balanced with my opinions, After reading this thread I'm siding more with Rodrigo and Sean as they are kinda right, honestly when I played most of the other higherups were useless when in combat situations and would even 1 life shit and just give up on leading. There aren't that many leaders when it comes to higherups and you guys honestly do promote whoever kneepads the most(trust me I saw how the promotion system worked on multiple precincts during my time), not those who actually have a brain. I got back on the other day and I was in pyrogos getting lethaled as a fresh spawn and you did nothing about it even with you being there @Samperino , the APD seems to have gone to shit from what i've been hearing due to the people you guys promote which is something that should really be re evaluated. The only thing is, you guys are wayyyy too stubborn and never want to listen to the community, I always thought this even when I was a higherup. Force retirement would be good because it would bring change and some people have been around way too long at their position. A lot of you guys let that power get to your head and start to get a ego from that but at the end of the day this is just a video game and I could care less but I just felt like jumping in this convo
  3. Congrats guys! @Smee Future FSA admin @HomeTrlx @YuSheng @Term beaner
  4. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/ice-arrests-rapper-21-savage-at-border-report
  5. Increasing the price of suicide vests is interfering with the FSA’s training of the FSM soldiers, decrease the prices or @Eazy Reformed Good Boy Will fly to you and beat you up
  6. This is all it needs to be right here
  7. Shit my team can get blown out 100-0 tmr by the saints but I’d still be happy since the cowgirls lost
  8. Lmaoooo imagine having .ahk and “I do not Ddos” in your Instagram.... how antisocial can you be
  9. Might as well comp everyone who died in the video
  10. Maybe a sports section would be nice so I can roast @Clint Beastwood when the patriots lose next week
  11. I have 4 of them, offer a price
  12. Eh it's 50/50 close to spirit but you have to sacrifice storage i guess
  13. Server: 2 House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 40K Location (Town/DP#): North of spirit Asking Price: offer or all for 300k Description: Some 40k's really close to scotch, can hold 1 crate/barrel each (They'll always be able to hold 1 from now on) Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  14. Congrats boys! Azeh for CM still tho
  15. Don't ever disrespect future Chief of medic's tony like that ever again unless you wanna deal with the mighty @william...
  16. Another day, Another group of cops kidnapped by the FSA
  17. If possible make it so people can respawn but all houses are unlocked but the owner can only access the crates
  18. As long as you’re better than @william... he crashes too much lately
  19. Yea it’s good until you die and your buddy next to you has no defib and can’t pick up yours
  20. So many people got free stuff from that discord since Smirnoff didn’t really check that shit, he just approved it. If it’s brought back it won’t be as easy as it was before
  21. It'd be cool to add for just the Medics when they get whitelisted in the future but for the npcs when they get revived you should add a timer so they despawn after a few mins that way there's not random npcs all over the map
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