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  1. Let it be, this topic creates nothing but differences of opinions and it works just fine how it is now. I found a shed market price a month or 2 ago. I have also found a house everywhere I could want and more for market price.
  2. Keep it up and i may start hoppin around again
  3. Hold s when going up the stairs and turn around when u go up.
  4. Sadly im only on server 2, maybe next time.
  5. With the addition of all these new skins, having more loadout slots would be highly beneficial. Currently I could fill 10 easily.
  6. YES i get to spend more $$$ lets goooooo!!!!! @WitzTY for bringing effort and a drive, much needed man...
  7. Aristant

    New mods

    @Ronaldis corrupt he was removed for a reason and shouldve stayed removed!! coruptioen!
  8. @Tyrone Darnell We could use another horn
  9. The economy needs a good looking at. We need to find a way of adding a money sink for the top end while making the core gameplay loop accessible for newbies. ^^^ New players get shit on have no money and are broke, lost, lonely, naked and afraid. This servers uptime for this save is years upon years. you cant throw a new player in with nothing and expect them to love it and stay. New players should start with more $ in the first place. and the 75k u get for linked ur shit should be reverted back to its original number. Speaking from 100% facts Bring a central game hub to a city like Pyro. Casino, Duels, Minigames etc. This will increase RP and instead of downtime being AFK or get off, it could be go to the hub nd make new connections and have fun. Players should be able to start an admin even in a location and choose the event, and if a certain amount of players joins, the event will happen. There should also be a reward system in place for this game hub. Maybe like carnival tickets and u get to go redeem it some how for guns, skins, fun stuff. Need better and more skins Need unique fun updates/changes Need staff that will take time out of their day to help newbies and offer a little fun or guidance to them. Cartel payouts should be buffed to incentivize more fights. Lots of times peak time gang bank goes up like +25k in 2 hours for owning 3 cartels, not how it should be.
  10. whats the plan. Pyro game room casino or no
  11. Aristant

    Timer Hotkey

    or just fix the bar..
  12. If anyone has played wow, you more than likely are aware of an event that takes place where you get one of a kind special prizes/things to do called the darkmoon faire. Take a similar idea and add some goals to complete everytime the "Asylum Fun Faire" comes around... name obv needs to be replaced with something else. Some things to earn could be a random item reward.. !faireloot and its like a loot crate but for items or something, maybe some custom skins for this as a reward.. ask nicely. Could be a simple things just for people to get tasks and reward, and something fun. Go up to a npc.. talk to him and he tells you a 'quest' you go complete the quest come back and get rewarded for it from him. EXAMPLE: Every 1st of the month Above pyrogos the asylum life faire spawns.. kind of a setup like a mobile HQ, but a little bigger. Faire lasts 5 days. You go to the faire and talk to an NPC and they give you a special task, would be even better if its faire specific tasks, like if you made a story about how they lost something traveling to the faire, and it is needed to be found, the user then goes on a scavenger hunt to find the item, comes back, turns in quest and gets rewarded. With it being a faire it would be good to include some fun things to do around the place too, maybe add my asylum game room idea into the faire and combine the two. When the faire comes around there will be a gambling spot, mini game spot, dueling spot, etc. Thoughts? Improvements? Complaints?
  13. Jalisco's is a mexican spot my me. mm mm mmm
  14. It depends on how much soup u can eat in 1 hour
  15. a wise idea. whitelisted hookers.
  16. Asylum used to have a casino but for xxx reasons was removed, maybe we think of a similar thing and improve upon it? Maybe it could be more than just blackjack for example, add a few little mini games or stuff to do. It could be made into a little hub for things to do and RP. Casino, race track, laser tag, etc. But all in a small area, not laser tag that teleports you, just in a little cage or something in the area so spectators can watch outside too. Challenge someone to a duel there and fight in a little open area where people can see call it like "illegal cage fighting" or something, host little tournaments there where people sign up to compete. Have a slot machine, blackjack, poker, etc. Lots of little things that could be put in the "game hub" these are just some ideas, not even sure if its even possible though.. Lots of people stand in cities for RP, but if there was more to do in said location other than RDM, more people would come to do it/ interact with eachother.
  17. Sue someone features: Sue someone for 100k cost: 200k. Whats it do? just puts a bounty on someone to piss em off. why? angry
  18. Just curious where the poll lands with this one, I am neither for nor against the return of house weed, just trying to see what the community thinks. Should House weed return to the server but greatly nerfed or changed? I am aware the devs/admins say they do not want to put it back, I am just seeing what the general consensus is of the players.
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