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  1. I thought they disabled that on asy?
  2. Feel like it was mainly because people from other servers were coming to play it. When the money nerf hit those gangs stopped making money from dom and couldn’t keep playing. And the actual players from asylum don’t profit to play either cause the 3 gangs who still do steam roll everyone else. That’s just my 3 cents tho
  3. Just save the database in a new folder on your desktop and wipe. If it doesn’t work and the server dies CTRL C + CTRL V the data base back. lol
  4. why would people quit tho? there is nothing to do on the server at this point.
  5. Either way. server needs a fresh start. you are telling me you wouldn't enjoy making all your money all over again? all you do is make money anyway. doubt
  6. there is no way you just compared wealth IRL to wealth in a video game right?
  7. there is no way you enjoy having so much money and doing nothing with it
  8. fr it should wipe. seeing people actually care about money would be nice. maybe yearly wipes to keep it fresh?
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