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  1. Pretty sure they removed the Zafir because people were complaining or something lol
  2. Of course I die in the first clip lmaooooo
  3. I probably won’t play the beta but I’ll def get it when it fully releases
  4. A career medic that is actually good at the game? Whaaaaaaaaaat?
  5. Another weekend of ? Not being able to hold cap after one push.
  6. Will we see armor stacking ever return in the donation goals? Not saying I want them to I’m just curious if they will.
  7. If you make a new character I honestly have no idea but if anything just don’t delete your current character just incase
  8. Go back to among us old man
  9. Nah your only just changing your name it won’t affect anything else
  10. No it’s not. It’s just that people for some reason enjoy calling the server dead when it’s not.
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