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  1. Nice laying prone in the wall clip!
  2. Yea someone told me afterwards that someone else had already used the song very tragic.
  3. And yes for those wondering I play on a 60 inch tv
  4. May the will of Allah guide you brother and rain a swift hand on the actors of this basic removal of human rights.
  5. took lub an hour to download UNO btw.
  6. E-sport trial by combat gamer ig lol
  7. About the same amount of people that care about your stats are about the same amount of people that care that I've played the campaign 30 times. 0
  8. Think of capture the flag with a points system and a prize pool. Loadouts and vehicles bought go to the prize pool and the first one to hold the caps long enough to hit 125 points wins
  9. New cartel locations / Cartels. I think it would be a good idea to grab opinions from the players who fight cartels pretty much daily. Not people who play cop once a week.
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