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  1. Hi don’t Goto Kavala or @Farmer Steve will put you in his kid diddler shack.
  2. It’s jsrs but they don’t allow it on the server anymore
  3. first montage hope you enjoy!
  4. Any idea what the age requirement will be?
  5. How do you have 24/22 used talents????
  6. I asked him why he didn’t fly away when I stopped he said he wanted to know who was driving the truck....
  7. Dillon

    Do you even lift?

    Bench: 55 never tried deadlift or squats I weigh 111lbs I’m a sophomore and didn’t really work out for that long maybe about a month or two before I just kinda quit trying it since I got bored but I do wanna get back into it
  8. I made this post because I saw the other post a guy made saying only you can change asylum etc etc with new players not wanting to report since its to much work apparently but with most of my suggestions I gotta think I kinda think about and think it’s a great idea! And then as people point out why it wouldn’t be only then do I realize it’s not a great idea. Yea that’s what happens with all my posts at this point :p
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