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  1. Not every group has 11 ppl todo a federal reserve
  2. I was here When it happened I guess I just wasn’t a big cartel fighter back then I just think that it’s 40k for no doors is outrageous. Just drop the price but keep off the doors and I guarantee less people will use them
  3. Basically a bunch of cry babies complained that they were always having trouble shooting people out of quilins blah blah blah and BAM they upped the price and removed the doors
  4. They won’t since the doors make it “ to OP “ apparently
  5. So does this just not apply anymore or is your food and drink automatically reduced by 25%?
  6. Asylum is closed due to aids
  7. Black kid with a white mom
  8. I would like the Y inventory of cops to drop as well...
  9. Better than most of the stuff that gets put out these days...
  10. You ever plan on coming back?

    1. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      Spoke to him today, it's pretty unlikely pretty sure he spent all his money on here. He pretty much quit Arma since he went to college and gets on Olympus every now and then when he's at home but that's about it

    2. Dillon
    3. Walt


      one day

      Miss you buddy

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