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  1. Personally I sleep with a tv on in the background
  2. Idk I’ve always played with a high dpi due to being able to turn quickly and usually I don’t go to fast with it but I’ll try it with a lower dpi sometime.
  3. Considering they should have died they probably just walked around the map until server restart because they have no direction or orders to move to. Or they could have just went to kavala to exterminate all the rats but hey who knows!
  4. They definitely are their pilot covs are NATO and the blackfish that drops the crate is NATO so I think it’s safe to say that is definitely it.
  5. In-game name:Dillon Timezone: Eastern Standard Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): https://i.imgur.com/wYXRXUM.png 2,790 Previous gang affiliations: DS, Darkhorse ,Primal Why we should accept you: I'm a gamer whose looking for an active group of other chill gamers. I enjoy fights and spending money and overall hanging out and being laid back. Member who can vouch for you: Walt
  6. So today during a server crash the usual disconnection happens etc etc but this time it keeps going on. Basically whenever I try to join the server I keep getting battle eye client not responding and get kicked off. It seems to be only asylum because I tried playing other servers like koth etc and stayed connected. Are other people experiencing this and if so were you able to fix it?
  7. Let me answer for the entire community as a whole to save everyone’s breath and not spread Coronavirus. No.
  8. Reason I took a break was due to the loss of a family member but now that time has gone on I’m back to gaming it out.
  9. Go scoop out your urethra with a spoon!
  10. Go be someone’s snack bar!
  11. I should zip tie you in the sneezehawk and sink it in the ocean
  12. LMAO your such an autist with vdming us at Drug runner then posting it in a montage with your name as “ I only break rules on ds “ lol but it’s good to know that your the retard that did that hope you enjoyed the ban shitdick!
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