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  1. Dillon

    cop age

    No one would ever lie about their age am I rite @Bherky
  2. This is the most positive least toxic cartel player I have ever seen. Well done to you sir.
  3. Have you thought to try and sell these tracks your making?
  4. Wouldn’t surprise if they have something that just ignores the email request all together.
  5. That is a yikes so I’m glad I changed my password now...
  6. Do you have the 2 step verification where if you log in from a different device it won’t allow you until you verify it via email?
  7. Since when did cops become a gang???? lol
  8. Same thing happened to one of my buddies and I fell for it. I freaked and changed my password in like 30 secs lol
  9. You just buy the training and should be able to buy the clothing and better guns at the weapon store there. Did you actually scroll down the list? lol
  10. How about: car turn on. Person press gas pedal. Car go boom. Car no more.
  11. I don’t talk to those guys much anymore ever since CRH kicked me out of syn lol
  12. Just add it it’s the weakest apc in the game lol. If y’all really can’t handle this I might have to come back
  13. That’s really funny coming you lmao
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