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  1. How do you have 24/22 used talents????
  2. I asked him why he didn’t fly away when I stopped he said he wanted to know who was driving the truck....
  3. Dillon

    Do you even lift?

    Bench: 55 never tried deadlift or squats I weigh 111lbs I’m a sophomore and didn’t really work out for that long maybe about a month or two before I just kinda quit trying it since I got bored but I do wanna get back into it
  4. I made this post because I saw the other post a guy made saying only you can change asylum etc etc with new players not wanting to report since its to much work apparently but with most of my suggestions I gotta think I kinda think about and think it’s a great idea! And then as people point out why it wouldn’t be only then do I realize it’s not a great idea. Yea that’s what happens with all my posts at this point :p
  5. Yea the audio logs is what can make this idea fail I don’t expect that to ever be possible. But yes that is where the player reports come in. I never said this was going to be easy just a suggestion to keep in mind
  6. That’s the issue we face and that’s a fact we have to accept problem is new players don’t accept that so in that range yes they have to make a report that’s the issue we face with this idea
  7. Forgot about that since haven’t used that in awhile whoops! That’s where I mean they should have access to a log of all messages etc I’ve seen other severs do this with 40+ people I dont see what could be wrong with it.
  8. Personally I have never seen any admins respond to people needing help in game such as someone getting rdmed they ask In side chat for an admin no one responds then they are told to record and post a player report which most never do and then they eventually leave the server since nothing is getting done unless they record it happening. So I think the best solution would to be to add an admin chat or a way for players to contact admins using @ in game. This could allow a staff member to know that a player is requesting help. They would then have a little sheet to fill out in game it should be quick and short. Example: what happened? (There would be a list of thing saying bug exploit rdm other)I was rdmed. Who was the player that broke this rule?(it would show a list of players in game from there the player would select the name of the person who killed them or other for something that doesn’t involve a player). They would hit submit and the message would go to all active staff members on the server and from there they could select the report and get two options (bring player to you or goto player?) there the staff member could help out the player with the issue by looking through the logs to find out about who killed who and if there is a bug etc. The devs would have to figure something out about how the staff could figure it out through logs or etc. this is something I feel would help keep new players when starting out fresh and feel like the servers have active admins. Develop and edit this idea as you please so this could possibly happen!
  9. I mean I don't even work yet but I can start next year so it seems like a decent amount to me atleast.
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