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  1. Idk why the new life rule even exists there is no NLR: I also think it’s pretty dumb I have to reinitiate with someone who killed me but they can kill me on sight. Sort of unfair IMO.
  2. Csat's / Granites provide explosive resistance. My guess is that is the only reason why you lived even though you should still die lol
  3. I don’t think it’s the prices that would need to be changed it’s methods and locations to do so tbh.
  4. Very cool captain promoted 16 year old LT Berky!
  5. Yea but no one drives those around just to drive them.
  6. How are you going to see the skins on the doors of quilins if the server doesn’t put the doors on them? lol
  7. 1. you are in Kavala so therefore any opinions you may have had or have now are automatically forgotten. 2. at the first sign of danger you run into a locked house and proceed to shoot out of it. 3. Never state your "tag" ever again you just sound cringey af. Please never make another forum post again.
  8. all I ask is for the love of god lets not have a repeat of lighthouse cap..
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