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  1. https://gyazo.com/e643935a47ed487b730bb67e76e1d287 ARI PETROU ON TOP
  2. If you wanna talk so much shit about Kavala, come fight us there. You think that being a "kavala rat" is a bad thing? If your so certain that we are sooo bad, then come fight us on our turf. then we will see who's talking.
  3. Who are you? Fanboy? Bamboo has been around long before you showed up
  4. 350k? Damn bro u poor asf
  5. There's no drug runner in Kavala retard. My point proven again that your gang is dogshit.
  6. Malicious is the most dogshit gang i have ever seen in my life. They come to our sacred city of Kavala, we wipe them. They go to fight cartels, you all wipe them. D-O-G-S-H-I-T.
  7. It's been fun man. Thanks for all the memories. o7 brother.
  8. Bounty hunters are shitters. Don't be a pussy. Get a 100k bounty and fight.
  9. When they weren't hiding ban evaders? Who? Imagine being salty when someone ban evades in a video game.
  10. Pretty sure ari petrou owns this gang...
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