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  1. Who the fuck is Obi Woki, and why are SmellyPig and Taylor Goldberg not the civilian council leaders. They are true civilians. Many Admins on the server do not look into things, they just ban. For example, If I VDM or RDM someone on accident, and they submit a report EVEN AFTER IVE COMPED THEM, I shouldn't be banned. Especially if my comp is more than enough. Imo Admins need to look into logs FIRST then see if a ban is necessary. not go thru the process of making a ban appeal just because they were to lazy to check transfer logs to begin with. I also feel that Admin activity needs to be seen as well. I cant remember the last time ive seen some of these admins actively participating in the server RP. Staff should not just be behind the scenes especially if there is over 10+ staff team members. Interaction with the community should be done more frequently with events as well.
  2. or maybe just have money and be able to buy five houses bozo. Nobody wants two houses, that's literally stupid and useless. Think before you type and get more houses. ill donate one to you for free since your poor and cant own 5.
  3. Negative, this how FarmersVille sees Altis.
  4. Idk man that FarmersVille VS Krauta Diss Track was pretty fire.
  5. Nobody cares. Imagine losing gear and being so poor that u cant afford a new set.. LMAO
  6. Yeah I remember that time he didn't know that combat storing a 50 cal. was against the rules
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