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  1. Lol imagine a fed happening during this.
  2. This is true! @Niklaus can tell u all about it.
  3. Lmao someone who can hit shots Nik especially on u in cqc. Lmfao
  4. Congrats to Mr. Chow on LT!! 

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    2. GravL
    3. GravL


      really like that lt dick huh?

    4. 王 Foxx 王

      王 Foxx 王

      Lol Dillon 

  5. I hate to break it to you, but you got shit on at evidence lockup.
  6. Dillon with that pistol on cqc. Lmfao
  7. 王 Foxx 王


    dude im dead over here. Soooo funny HAHAHHha
  8. Myabe it can be an in game event like the BR, or gun game. Or just a limited time Federal Event.
  9. Looks like a great idea! what is the amount of time the rebels would have to get to the last drop off point to end the event?
  10. 王 Foxx 王


    Ari said he was gonna put someone on yo ass and look what happened bruh. Lmfao, thanks for the shit skins!!
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