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  1. 20 minutes ago, Mitch (IFRIT) said:

    I often wish that a wipe was a part of the life cycle on arma. But I've never seen any major server do it successfully. 


    But I have had multiple conversations with others who have been on both sides of the argument.. so I wanted to see where the line was at with everyone else around here.



    a diff server ... plz no take my money

  2. 19 hours ago, Anthony Carter said:

    Hello everyone, my name is Anton. 

    You guys may know me as; Anton, Anthony Carter, Redbull Rebel or Kermit. 

    I've been playing here since 2015 and have been a prestigious little shit in the past. I have obviously grown older since then, hitting 25 in about a month and I can't stop but cringe about my post history. 

    I have been banned because of some immature actions since 2018 which has been successfully appealed as of 2 days ago.  

    To everyone I have ever offended, my deepest sincere apologies.
    Especially to @Zoex for making intolerable insults towards him.

    I hope to see each and everyone of you on the battlefield again. May we strike a conversation and part ways without robberies/murders happen 🙂 


    had me in tears by the end of it ! welcome back man. :D

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  3. i like all the new stuff that gets added, but don't let it overpower the base game. I like the ufo event, but for example the kraken seems a step too far... my opinion ofc.


    Def like what the dev(s) are thinking but just think it will dominate the simplicity of Asylum.

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  4. 42 minutes ago, cracka said:

    Would’ve thought you’d be bidding trisix

    only pay market for sheds, sorry.

    2 hours ago, cracka said:

    We had jarvo up for 2 days straight camping it 

    gotta leave some for others...

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