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  1. Selling The Best Vehicle Factory Garage! Taking offers!
  2. That's why it never took off ... hm.... simple man
  3. and where can i buy subs with credits ?
  4. not true, the way it would of been made is not interesting to most gangs, big gangs don't care enough to pay that much every month, and smaller gangs don't see a point either. at the steep price that got pitched ... i get why it wasn't as popular as u may think. i would pay it if my entire gang could use it for 15 usd a month but not 150 usd for a month
  5. proof that you don't know real estate
  6. i'll take all for a steal
  7. poor boys table AHAHHA stop there... i'll buy the inventory tho keep the house.
  8. no, another carreer cop trying to ruin kavala ?
  9. GYROS no put dmv there why do we need 3 big ass food stands, put dmv back where it is... no
  10. is there any way we could change location back of gunstore, had a design for gunstore as well but not sure if that's able to be changed ... the spot is really going to cause problems. it has to stay a triangel : HQ , square ,gunstore. if you make it a line like it is now, activity will be limited to that line if you bring back the triangel it's a bigger area of activities meaning that the outskirs of kavala like the north east will become less popular!
  11. THANK YOU gunstore is in the og spot in all of the above exept JBs
  12. the 2 stands should be right next to one another i feel like
  13. true but a raw version of this is already a improvement
  14. @Sheriff Rick if only you had the best house to do so ... hmmmm pm
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