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  1. Too bad not a lot of people are left around that remember the struggle of 1-2 hours of spamming enter macros to get to the servers during cartel wars
  2. Clam down Clinty. Just kill it with fire already. What's population nowadays 50? Too bad Bohemia don't give a shit about their games, just wait they gonna get 1 more dlc to milk it down before ar5ma 4 lol
  3. Lmfao why would you even cheat on a server that doesn't even have any competition left for like 3 years now.
  4. Who? This server is still alive?
  5. It would be ashame if someone "accidentally" paroled you by missclicking your name.
  6. Pentax

    Change log 8.0.2

    Corporal+ has the power. Welcome to APD and to new LT ranks.
  7. Pentax

    Change log 8.0.2

    Better late than never. OH WAIT
  8. Pentax

    Change log 8.0.2

    Welcome to LT, you as LT have the power to SPREAD PEOPLE THE FUCK OUT.
  9. doubt twitch will allow it happen, but thanks for it anyway.
  10. Pentax

    Change log 8.0.0

    More like bad pilots get down syndrome
  11. Because someone would want to hack some asylum kiddo.
  12. There's this thing called multiple languages, and someone might be not from UK/USA and their first language might not be English, so maybe it might take extra time for them to translate from English to w/e their main language is to understand what was said/written? Fucking 12 year old trying to talk shit.
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