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  1. I have a clip of shooting you out a hummingbird, it was awesomeee
  2. Love ya man and the community
  3. Classic @Crossfade reported
  4. I've been playing, its fun game.
  5. Yea I could see it interfering with meth running but that being said meth has been kind of easy as of the past year or more. Maybe it needs a little more threat like Uranium being so close?
  6. That is not bannable bro cry more To my understanding what is bannable is if someone logs in and they are in someones gang group and refuse to make a group so they stay bugged into a gang group, not a group group.
  7. Bc i have this auto log in from an old friends xfinity account on my phone and also the connection is too far away
  8. Well fyi im on my front porch hittin my neighbors wifi wit my phone lmao
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