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  1. next patch post gonna be locked on replies lol
  2. Vortex fears the great Dragon warriors this is why he locked the post and why your comment got deleted o' great dragon warrior member @manhua
  3. what the fuck is this
  4. Who wants the 10 man holding the cap to hold every single angle and never let people drop Smoke makes fighting groups do-able and caps push able without them it just turns into a number fest imo
  5. 37 People looking at the thread this guy must be famous
  6. Yeah Tom you got shit on your head, Idiot
  7. I like the new blur and the fact that people aren't just chilling in passenger seat waiting to drop I'm all for adding tildes back or maybe even Fudgers idea of extending the range. Right now the fights rely more on who gets the better angle on the smoke and is able to see further, Also add back friendly tildes
  8. Its definitely the tilde for me, I see someone in the smoke I look up to shoot them they're just gone no trace of where they were tilde used to fix that issue doesn't matter if your in first person or third person cant see them maybe I'm just so used to it because its all ive ever played with but feels brutal to be in smoke now
  9. Everyone just sat in passenger seat on cap waiting for people then they would all drop at once its very hard to rip a passenger most of the time, It just promotes less camping inside your armor and more fighting
  10. ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` W`````hy``` isn```'t it w`````orki`````ng````` ~~~~~~~~~~~
  11. Ryan.

    Old clips

    +Rep from a business otter member to another
  12. Its for players that just join the server goes over buying and unlocking cars, The lottery and some other basics of the server
  13. Thanks rat Real chad move for you to go this far! Very beautiful voice man try out some talent shows!
  14. fuck they caught him red handed
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