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  1. looks like plague recruited a bunch of shitters
  2. fuck u @tom, wheres that exploit ban i was gonna get bub?
  3. they could fix up the server first and revamp dom, not this horse shit
  4. currently sticking needles in my ear to destroy my ear drums so i no longer can hear this
  5. 1) combat stance pls 2) take the fucking carryall off 3) cringy ass ranks in discord 4) discord overlay 5) 2013 minecraft montage music 6) adaptive crosshair
  6. old void will forever be on top. tribute to my boy house
  7. ur pretty funny, hang yourself in a video game
  8. Pov: you ask who are u on a dead gang. hang
  9. shit gang, I like dragons more than u bozos. Back to wax u go!
  10. just called me 8 years old and now ur saying that i needa move out? Jesus christ u might possibly be braindead u needa get that shit checked out. Maybe if u could see ur own dick u wouldn't be so angry at the world.
  11. lets see if this can last longer than a week
  12. ur a morbidly obese fat fuckin retard not a word from u bub
  13. not sure how the big black nigga balls gang says their "good players"
  14. must be easy getting gang base when u have 12 on camping all rebels
  15. last clip i nearly flipped my desk
  16. Shoutout to @YuSheng cuz hes my chigga
  17. I believe the new slang is, "wassuh cuh" or "whus brackin blood"
  18. this fool is getting dogged harder on the forums than he does on asy.
  19. noice. still will never forgive u for a 2 week combat store : p
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