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  1. dp4 has a drugport 1-2km away making it pretty close and sofia has a airport
  2. as if you cant just take an extra 5-10 minutes to drive from a garage its just a quality of life thing
  3. 2.2km from warzone rebel3.2km from donor rebel
  4. go back to wow fat retard that sits in telos all day Why you so mad its only a game
  5. 5m for all houses and garage
  6. 1m for any 3 crater
  7. Application FormatName - Cousin Rohan Hours (screenshot) - 103,938 Age - 29 Previous Gangs - Construction Crew,Teamplayers,Prime,Drunk squad(Didnt get in but very big fan), Dragons, 999, Taliban,Farmersville,Marine Corp, APD, SWAT, AFD, APD CAPTIN, APD CADET,APD CONSTABLE, Vitrue, Suckythetic Discord @ - JakeAP#5488
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