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  1. Now scatter his ashes into the deepest ocean, just to be sure
  2. Just kavala rats like the rest of us, they ain't nufthin to worry bout.
  3. I'm waiting patiently for the sequel to Monster Girl Island, fingers crossed
  4. Kavala square is the Asylum, I am an out-patient that checks in daily, sometimes I think I am an EMT, sometimes I think I am a bounty hunter, sometimes a thug, all in my head.
  5. Ronald D McWeasly


    Yes, no, maybe (But I ain't really tripping if you ain't tryna come back Fuck that, you can stay wherever you at) I'm sorry for talking crazy Yes, no, maybe (I just wanna know, are you playing games with my heart? Could've sworn…
  6. Thank you william, I have done that now, hope it can be sorted.
  7. I've made a $50 donation for few of the perks, I'm hoping I have done everything correctly, How long does it usually take to progress or is it automated? ((I just realised probably early to donate as the majority of server is US and ya'll be sleeping, 12:50pm right now here BST)) Player ID: 76561198032606525
  8. It was Steam Friendly UI causing it apparently, thanks anyhow, and for Sky's solution, was dealing with this for nearly a year and ignored it until now
  9. Everything I open the menu to suicide or config options, I notice Side Chat disappears, so then I'm left with no choice but to soft log and return in, any reason why this may happen or has this happen to anyone else?
  10. Quantity doesn’t always mean Quality, Adding more people to the pot will just cause more chaos for people just wanting to quietly make money
  11. Something to further turn hostile players away from gunning down defenceless medics, a poll to see what people think to the idea, either way I still enjoy playing medic It's easy money, 'til we catch ya - Hank Schrader
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